Chembox new
Name = ABCN
ImageFile = ABCN-2D-skeletal.png ImageName = ABCN
ImageFile1 = ABCN-3D-sticks.png ImageName1 = ABCN
ImageFile2 = ABCN-3D-vdW.png ImageName2 = ABCN
IUPACName = 1,1'-(Z)-diazene-1,2-
OtherNames = ABCN, ACCN
Section1 = Chembox Identifiers
CASNo = 2094-98-6

Section2 = Chembox Properties
Formula = C14H20N4
MolarMass = 244.34 g/mol
Appearance =
Density =
Solubility = partially soluble
MeltingPt = 114-118 °C
BoilingPt =

Section3 = Chembox Structure
Dipole = (gas)

Section7 = Chembox Hazards
ExternalMSDS =
EUClass =
FlashPt =

:"ABCN is also the callsign for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's TV station in Orange and the Central Tablelands, New South Wales."1,1'-Azobis(cyclohexanecarbonitrile) or ABCN is a radical initiator. The molecular formula isNCC6H10N=NC6H10CN. It is classified as highly flammable and an irritant.

ee also

* Azobisisobutylonitrile (AIBN) is another commonly used free radical initiator


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