American Horseshoes

American Horseshoes

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title = "American Horseshoes"

developer = Taito
publisher = Taito
released = 1990
platforms= Arcade Game
genre = Sports game
modes = Single player, 4-player
arcade system = Taito L System hardware
display=Raster, 224 x 320 pixels, 256 colors
input = Trackball, 2 Buttons

American Horseshoes is a 1 to 4 player "horseshoes" arcade game released by Taito in 1990. Each player can choose from one of four characters: Lucky Lou, Diamond Dave, Tossin' Tom and Mayhem Mary. There are two pitches in each inning. Players may select grip and throwing angle prior to each pitch. The rolling of the trackball determines the distance of each pitch. After each inning the scoring with shown with an overhead shot of the stake area. Each player's score is shown throughout the game at the top of the screen. Up to nine innings can be played per game.

Scoring is as follows:
*Ringer (A horseshoe which wraps around the stake) : 3 points.
*Leaner (A horsehoe which rests against the stake) : 2 points.
*Landing within the stake area : 1 points.

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