Draco is the Latin word for dragon.

Science and technology

  • DRACO (antiviral), a group of experimental antiviral drugs
  • Draco (constellation), a constellation in the northern part of the sky
  • Draco (dwarf galaxy), a dwarf galaxy orbiting the Milky Way
  • Draco (genus), a genus of gliding lizards.
  • Draco (programming language), a shareware programming language for CP/M and the Amiga
  • Draco (rocket engine), an orbital maneuvering thruster being built for the SpaceX Dragon and upper stage of the Falcon 9 spacecraft
  • Draco, the database engine used by FileMaker Pro
  • DraCo, a partly Amiga compatible computer built by MacroSystem AG
  • Draco GNU/Linux, a Linux distribution
  • Draco, a drug produced at MIT


  • Dacian Draco, a Dacian military standard composed of a wolf head and snake tail
  • Draco (lawgiver) (from Greek: Δράκων), the first lawgiver of ancient Athens, Greece, from whom the term draconian is derived
  • Draco (physician) (from Greek: Δράκων), the name of several physicians in the family of Hippocrates
  • Draco (military standard), a Roman cavalry military standard in the shape of a dragon, adopted after the Dacian Wars

Literature, film, and television


  • Draco-Hedron Ovinxer, the destructive dragon form of Ovinxer and the final boss of the game Gun Nac
  • Draco Centauros, a dragon-like humanoid from the Puyo Puyo video game series
  • Draco, a 9/9 Artifact Dragon from the card game Magic: The Gathering
  • Draco, a character in the fictional opera The Dream Oath: Maria and Draco in Final Fantasy VI
  • Draco, a black dragon found in the Kasumanium Mines in Dark Ages (computer game)

Other uses

  • Draco, a supposed reptilian alien race that has been purported to exist by certain UFO conspiracy theorists
  • Draco Racing, a motorsports team
  • Draco Rosa, a Puerto Rican songwriter and former member of Puerto Rican boy band Menudo
  • A guitar built by BC Rich guitars. It has a cutaway V body with Rockfeild pickups.
  • A Romanian-made shortened pistol version of the AKM assault rifle

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