Knapp (pronounced like English "nap") can refer to:

As a surname, Knapp is of uncertain Germanic origin. It may have meant "small hill". It is also thought to have meant something like "lacking in funds". In modern German, knapp means "scarcely" or "little difference", while in Swedish and Norwegian a knapp is a button.


* Anthony Knapp, mathematician
* Arthur Knapp, Jr., yacht skipper, winner of the America's Cup, and author of the popular book, "Race Your Boat Right".
* Bliss Knapp, early Christian Scientist
* Brooke Knapp, American aviator and realtor
* Charles Knapp, American classical scholar
* Charles Boynton Knapp, President, University of Georgia
* Chauncey L. Knapp, Congressman, U.S House of Representatives
* Chris Knapp, American drummer
* Florence Knapp, former world's oldest person
* Georg Friedrich Knapp, German economist
* George Knapp UFO researcher, (American journalist)
* Harry Shepard Knapp, vice-admiral of the United States Navy
* Hermann Jakob Knapp, German-American ophthalmologist
* Jennifer Knapp, Christian folk-rock musician
* Joe Knapp, American musician
* Joseph P. Knapp, publisher and conservationist
* Karin Knapp, Italian tennis player
* Lyman Enos Knapp, American politician
* Mark L. Knapp, American academic, author
* Martin Knapp, economist and policy analyst
* Phoebe Knapp, American composer of music for hymns
* Seaman A. Knapp, the second president of Iowa State University
* Steve Knapp, racing car driver
* Steve W. Knapp, American musician
* Whitman Knapp, a Federal Judge who was the chairman of the Knapp Commission, a far-reaching investigation into corruption in the NYPD from 1970 to 1972
* Martin Ojeda Knapp [] , Computer ITPro


* Knapp, Dunn County, Wisconsin
* Knapp, Jackson County, Wisconsin
* Knapp, Hampshire, England, a village in the parish of Ampfield


*Bill Knapp's, a defunct restaurant chain in Michigan
*Knapp's, an unrelated defunct department store chain, also in Michigan


* Knapp Commission, a far-reaching investigation, named for its chairman Whitman Knapp, into corruption in the NYPD from 1970 to 1972
* USS Knapp (DD-653), United States Navy destroyer

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