National anthem of Scotland

National anthem of Scotland
Proposed national anthems of Scotland
Auld Lang Syne
Flower of Scotland
Scotland the Brave
along with others

National anthem of

There is no official national anthem of Scotland.[1] However, a number of songs are used as de facto Scottish anthems, most notably Flower of Scotland and Scotland the Brave. God Save the Queen is the national anthem for the United Kingdom as a whole and is used in Scotland in that context.

In 2004, lawyers for the devolved Scottish Parliament advised that it was within the legal competence of the Scottish Parliament to choose a national anthem for Scotland, countering the suggestion that it would be a matter reserved to the Parliament of the United Kingdom.[2] This ruling prompted some interest in the idea, and a petition to the Scottish Parliament's petitions committee supported by the Scottish Green Party was referred without recommendation to the Scottish Executive who chose to take no action, considering the issue not to be a political priority.[3][4] There have been subsequent attempts to re-open the debate on a national anthem for Scotland.[5]


Current use

For most international sporting events Scotland uses "Flower of Scotland" as its national anthem. These events include matches of the Scottish national football team and the Scottish rugby union team.[6] The song will also be used as the victory anthem of Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in 2010, replacing Scotland the Brave.[7]

Possible candidates

In June 2006 the Royal Scottish National Orchestra conducted an online opinion poll on their website, asking visitors to choose a favourite to be Scotland's national anthem. With over 10,000 votes cast, "Flower of Scotland" came first with 41% of the votes, followed by "Scotland the Brave" with 29%.[8]

Tune Votes (%)
"Flower of Scotland" 41%
"Scotland the Brave" 29%
"Highland Cathedral" 16%
"A Man's A Man for A' That" 7%
"Scots Wha Hae" 6%

Other songs which have been suggested include Robert Burns' "Auld Lang Syne",[9] and Hamish Henderson's "Freedom Come-All-Ye".[10] Both of these songs, from the 18th and 20th centuries respectively, are written in Lowland Scots.

Future discussion

Despite coverage by The Scotsman newspaper, the Scottish Parliament has yet to convene any parliamentary debate on the issue, with Holyrood's Enterprise Committee denying a motion from Scottish National Party MSP Michael Matheson on the subject.[11]


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