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In optics

*Lens (optics), an optical element which converges or diverges light
**Lens (anatomy), a part of the eye
**Corrective lens for correction of human vision
***Contact lens, placed on the cornea of the eye
**Photographic lens, a lens designed for use on a camera. See also
**Sunglass lenses, which are light-attenuating elements

Focussing of other radiation and forces

*Gravitational lens, a massive astronomical object which bends the light from objects beyond it
*Electrostatic lens, a device used to focus or collimate electron beams
*Explosive lens, a shaped explosive charge with focussed blast used primarily in nuclear weapons
*Acoustic lens, a mechanical device used in loudspeaker design to improve the dispersion of high frequencies
*Microwave lens, used to focus microwave radiation and often employed in slotted waveguide antennas

Lens (lentil) shape

"The word "lens" originally comes from the Latin word for "lentil", since biconvex lenses are lentil-shaped."
*Lens (genus), the genus of the lentil plant
*Lens (geometry), a geometric shape formed from two arcs
*Lens (geology), a body of ore or rock that is thick in the middle and thin at the edges
*Lens (groundwater), a layer of fresh water derived from rainfall, overlying saline groundwater

Other uses

* a metaphor for a point of view
* a fictional alien device in E. E. Smith's Lensman series, which gives its bearer telepathic and other abilities
* a user-created page on the website Squidoo

Place names

*Arrondissement of Lens, in the "département" of Pas-de-Calais, France
**Lens, Pas-de-Calais, a "commune" in that arrondissement
***RC Lens, its football (soccer) club
*Lens, Belgium
*Lens, Valais, Switzerland

Names of people

*Louis Lens, Flemish rose breeder
*Nicholas Lens, Belgian composer


*Laser Engineered Net Shaping, a rapid prototyping technology capable of building fully-dense metal parts

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