Alabama Territory

Alabama Territory

Infobox Former Subdivision
native_name =
conventional_long_name = Territory of Alabama
common_name = Alabama Territory
nation = the United States
subdivision = Organized incorporated territory|
event_start =
date_start = March 3
year_start = 1817
event_end = Statehood
year_end = 1819
date_end = December 14
event_pre =
date_pre = |
p1 = Mississippi Territory
flag_p1 = US flag 15 stars.svg
p2 =
flag_p2 =
p3 =
flag_p3 =
s1 = Alabama
flag_s1 = Flag of Alabama.svg
s2 =
flag_s2 =
s3 =
flag_s3 =

symbol =
symbol_type =

image_map_caption = |
stat_area1 =
stat_pop1 =
stat_year1 =
stat_area2 =
stat_pop2 =
stat_year2 = |
capital = St. Stephens
government_type = Organized incorporated territory
title_leader = Governor
leader1 = William Wyatt Bibb
year_leader1 = 1817-1819
leader2 =
year_leader2 =
title_deputy =
deputy1 =
year_deputy1 =

The Alabama Territory was a historic, organized territory of the United States that was formed by the eastern portion of the Mississippi Territory. "Timeline 1811-1820" (events +sources), Algis Ratnikas, Timelines of History, 2007, webpage: [ TL-Miss] .] The territory was organized March 3, 1817, shortly before Mississippi became a state.


Located in the central area of the Alabama Territory, St. Stephens, on the Tombigbee River, was the only territorial capital. William Wyatt Bibb was the only territorial governor.

On December 14, 1819 — just two years and nine months after the territory was organized — Alabama was admitted to the union as the 22nd U.S. state.

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