By Place

Roman Empire

* A systematic persecution of Christians begins in Rome under Marcus Aurelius. Many Christians worship secretly.
* Marcus Aurelius' son, Commodus, becomes Imperator then Augustus as a coequal of his father.
* Churches in southern Gaul are destroyed after a crowd accuses the local Christians of practicing cannibalism and incest.
* Forty-seven Christians are martyred in Lyon (Saint Blandina and Pothinus, bishop of Lyon, among them).
* Marcus Aurelius and Commodus war a second time against the Quadi and the Marcomanni.


* Chinese troops suffer a crushing defeat against a confederacy of Central Asian tribes led by the Xianbei (see Wu Hu).


* Cai Wenji, Chinese female poet and musical composer
* Pan Zhang, Chinese general of Wu (d. 234)
* Sun Yu (d. 215)
* Wang Can, Chinese politician, scholar and poet (d. 217)
* Xu Sheng, general of Wu (d. 228)
* Yuan Shang, youngest son of Chinese warlord Yuan Shao (d. 207)


* S. Polycarpus, S. Blandina and other martyrs in Lyon

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