Edgar V. Saks

Edgar V. Saks

Edgar V. Saks (January 25, 1910 TartuApril 11, 1984, Montreal) was an Estonian statesman, historian and author. He was Estonian Minister of Public Education in exile from May 8, 1971 until his death. His book "Estonian Vikings: a Treatise on Finno-Ugric Viking Activities" describes the ancient history of Estonians and other finno-ugric people living on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Works in English

*Aestii (Montreal-Heidelberg, 1960)
*Esto-Europa (Montreal-Lund, 1966)
*Commentaries on the Liber Census Daniae (Montreal-Ann Arbor, 1974)
*The Estonian Vikings (London-Montreal, 1981)

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