Baron Wrottesley

Baron Wrottesley

Baron Wrottesley, of Wrottesley in the County of Stafford, is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It was created in 1838 for Sir John Wrottesley, 9th Baronet. He was a Major-General in the Army and also represented Lichfield, Staffordshire and Staffordshire South in House of Commons. His son, the second Baron, was President of the Royal Astronomical Society as well as of the Royal Society. His son, the third Baron, held junior positions in the first two Liberal administrations of William Gladstone. As of 2007 the titles are held by the latter's great-great-grandson, the sixth Baron, who succeeded his grandfather in 1970. The 5th Baron sold the Staffordshire estate in 1963 and moved to South Africa.

The Wrottesley Baronetcy, of Wrottesley in the County of Stafford, was created in the Baronetage of England on 30 August 1642 for Walter Wrottesley. He fought on the Royalist side in the Civil War. His great-grandson, the fourth Baronet, briefly represented Staffordshire in the House of Commons. His younger son, the seventh Baronet, sat as a Member of Parliament for Tavistock but later took Holy Orders and served as Dean of Worcester. His son, the eighth Baronet, represented Newcastle-under-Lyme and Staffordshire in Parliament. He was succeeded by his son, the ninth Baronet, who was raised to the peerage in 1838.

The family seat was Wrottesley Hall near Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. Several of the Baronets served as High Sheriff of Staffordshire

Wrottesley Baronets, of Wrottesley (1642)

*Sir Walter Wrottesley, 1st Baronet (1606-1659)
*Sir Walter Wrottesley, 2nd Baronet (c. 1632-c. 1686)
*Sir Walter Wrottesley, 3rd Baronet (c. 1657-1712)
*Sir John Wrottesley, 4th Baronet (c. 1682-1726)
*Sir Hugh Wrottesley, 5th Baronet (d. 1729)
*Sir Walter Wrottesley, 6th Baronet (d. 1731)
*Sir Richard Wrottesley, 7th Baronet (1721-1769)
*Sir John Wrottesley, 8th Baronet (1744-1787)
*Sir John Wrottesley, 9th Baronet (1771-1841) (created Baron Wrottesley in 1838)

Barons Wrottesley (1838)

*John Wrottesley, 1st Baron Wrottesley (1771-1841)
*John Wrottesley, 2nd Baron Wrottesley (1798-1867)
*Arthur Wrottesley, 3rd Baron Wrottesley (1824-1910)
*Victor Alexander Wrottesley, 4th Baron Wrottesley (1873-1962)
*Richard John Wrottesley, 5th Baron Wrottesley (1918-1977)
*Clifton Hugh Lancelot de Verdin Wrottesley, 6th Baron Wrottesley (b. 1968)

The Heir Apparent is the present holder's eldest son Hon. Victor Wrottesley (b. 2004)


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