Albanian Naval Defense Forces

Albanian Naval Defense Forces
Albanian Naval Defense Forces
Forcat e Mbrojtjes Detare Shqipetare
Patrol Boat Iliria.jpg
The Iliria, the newest patrol vessel of the Albanian Navy
Active 1925 - today
Country  Albania
Allegiance Albanian Joint Forces Command
Branch Navy
Headquarters Tirana
Anniversaries December 25 - Navy's Foundation Day
Naval Ensign Naval Ensign of Albania.svg
Auxiliary vessels ensign Government Ensign of Albania.svg
Coast guard ensign Albanian Coast Guard Ensign.svg

The Albanian Naval Defense Forces (Albanian: Forcat e Mbrojtjes Detare Shqipëtare) are the naval branch of the Albanian military. Their name was changed from the Coastal Defense Command of the Albanian Army in 1996. With the new structure the naval forces are regrouped in the Albanian Navy Brigade under the Albanian Joint Forces Command. The Albanian Navy Brigade Headquarters is located in Durrës, and operates 2 bases. One in Durrës (Kepi i Palit base) and one in Vlora, Pashaliman base. The vessels of the Albanian Navy Brigade are mostly patrol craft and support craft, most of which were donated by Italy and the USA. Former Soviet or Chinese boats have been retired from service. Only 4 Soviet built minesweepers remain still in service, pending the arrival of 4 large Damen Stan Type 4207 patrol boats from the Netherlands. The Navy performs mainly duties, based on the concept of "one Force, one Missions". The legal framework has been updated in order to facilitate these missions and EU - NATO integration. Turkey and Greece are also assisting Albania in a common effort to modernize the current Naval Academy and rebuild the repair facilities in Pashaliman district. The Navy is also responsible for aids to navigation, including lighthouses.[1]



Mine Warfare Ships

1 x T-43 class, patrol and SAR. To be retired.

Patrol boats

4 x Damen Stan 4207 patrol vessels

  • Albanian patrol vessel Iliria 2008
  • Albanian patrol vessel Oriku 2011
  • Albanian patrol vessel Lisus 2012
  • Albanian patrol vessel Butrindi 2013

Service Craft

1x repair craft (ex-LCT Mk 3 Landing vessel)

1x Project 522 (Nyryat-1) Diving Support Vessel

1x Project 368 (Poluchat)

3x Anti pollution boat's


Until 1996 Albania had more than 145 vessels in service. 45 of them were small, fast Chinese Type 25 Huchuan Class PHT torpedo boats, carrying two/four 533 mm Torpedoes, and some Shanghai-class coastal ASW patrol craft. The glory of the fleet were 4 Soviet built Whiskey class submarines, a direct result of an Albanian-Soviet dispute over their ownership, after Albania withdrew from the Warsaw Pact (1961) and the Soviets abandoned the Pashaliman base. The submarines were put into full service thanks to Chinese assistance, but by the end of 80's their efficiency was in doubt due to Albanian isolation and the end of Chinese help. Officially, the submarines were retired in 1998.

Officer Ranks

In descending order the ranks of the officers of the Albanian Navy, along with their equivalent rank in English.

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