Wasil ibn Ata

Wasil ibn Ata

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Wasil ibn Ata (700–748) ( _ar. واصل بن عطاء) was a Muslim theologian, and by some accounts is considered the founder of the Mutazilite school of Islamic thought.

Born around the year 700 in the Arabian Peninsula, he initially studied under Abu Hashim Abd Allah b. Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah, the son of the famous 4th Caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib. Later he would travel to Basra in Iraq to study under Hasan al-Basri (a Tabi‘in). In Basra he began to develop the ideologies that would lead to the Mutazilite school. These stemmed from conflicts that many scholars had in resolving theology and politics. His main contribution to the Mutazilite school was in planting the seeds for the formation of its doctrine.

Wasil ibn Ata died in 748 in the Arabian Peninsula.

He married the sister of Amr Ibn Ubayd [ [http://www.rafed.net/books/aqaed/almelal-wa-alnahal-3/23.html Al-Melal wan-Nahal (الملل والنحل) - Ja'far as-Sabhani] (Arabic)] .

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