Zhu Ling (Three Kingdoms)

Zhu Ling (Three Kingdoms)

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Name=Zhu Ling
Kingdom=Cao Wei
Pinyin=Zhū Líng
WG=Chu Ling
Zi=Wénbó (文博)

Zhu Ling (? – 228) was a vassal of the Wei Kingdom during the Three Kingdoms period in China.

He was born in Qinghe (present Qinghe County in Xingtai, Hebei Province). He started to serve in the private army of Yuan Shao, and was later sent to aid Cao Cao's army when Cao Cao was attacking Tao Qian. He was well impressed by Cao Cao, and would like to follow him. Therefore, he did not return to the camp of Yuan Shao but stayed with Cao Cao. His army followed his decision and stayed with him.

However, Cao Cao did not like Zhu Ling, as he used to serve Yuan Shao. Therefore, he never paid any attention to him and put him under the army of Yu Jin. Zhu Ling did not show any disappointment or anger about Cao Cao's treatment to him; on the contrary, he was known to be a fierce vassal and was listed among the best vassal in Cao Cao's army.

Afte Cao Cao's death, his son, Cao Pi recognized his great effort. He was peered as the Marquess of Gaotang.

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