List of Kings of Pontus

List of Kings of Pontus

This page lists Kings of Pontus, an ancient kingdom in Anatolia.

Kings of Pontus

*Mithridates I Ktistes 302 - 266 BC
*Ariobarzanes 266 - c. 250 BC
*Mithridates II c. 250 - c. 220 BC
*Mithridates III c. 220 - c. 185 BC
*Pharnaces I c. 185 - c. 170 BC
*Mithridates IV Philopator Philadephos c. 170 - c. 150 BC
*Mithridates V Euergetes c. 150 - 120 BC
*Mithridates VI Eupator 120 - 63 BC
*Pharnaces II 63 - 47 BC
*Darius of Pontus 39 - 37 BC
*Polemon I 37 - 8 BC
*Pythodorida 8 BC - 38
*Polemon II 38 - 64

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