name = Aplacophora
regnum = Animalia
subregnum = Metazoa
branch = Bilateria
phylum = Mollusca
classis = Aplacophora
subclassis = Neomeniomorpha (Solenogastres)
subdivision_ranks = Families
subdivision =
* Acanthomeniidae
* Amphimeniidae
* Dondersiidae
* Drepanomeniidae
* Epimeniidae
* Gymnomeniidae
* Hemimeniidae
* Heteroherpiidae
* Imeroherpiidae
* Lepidomeniidae
* Macellomeniidae
* Meiomeniidae
* Neomeniidae
* Perimeniidae
* Phyllomeniidae
* Proneomeniidae
* Rhipidoherpiidae
* Rhopalomeniidae
* Sandalomeniidae
* Simrothiellidae
* Strophomeniidae
* Syngenoherpiidae

Neomeniomorpha is a subclass of Aplacophora, the other subclass being Chaetodermomorpha. Neomeniomorpha are often referred to as Solenogastres while the Chaetodermomorpha are oftern referred to as Caudofauveata.

In contrast to all molluscan classes, the Aplacophora lack a shell and are instead covered by aragonotic sclerites (spicules) that may be solid or hollow. Some species of Aplacophora have radulas, while in others it is secondarily lost. The salivary glands are very elaborate and an important character for taxonomy. Next to the mouth they have a unique sense organ, the vestibulum.

Solenogastres (Neomeniomorpha) feed mainly on Cnidarians.

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