Bleeding Me

Bleeding Me

Single infobox
Name = Bleeding Me

Artist = Metallica
from Album = Load
B-side = Bleeding Me (Radio edit)
Released = 1997
Recorded = May 1995 - February 1996 at The Plant Studios, Sausalito, California
Genre = Hard rock
Length = 8:18
Writer = Kirk Hammett
James Hetfield
Lars Ulrich
Label = Elektra
Producer = Bob Rock, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich
Last single = "King Nothing"
This single = "Bleeding Me"
Next single = "The Memory Remains"
"Bleeding Me" is track # 7 on Metallica's 1996 album "Load". The song is a considered a great example of the band's "Progressive metal" sound, incorporating different styles, deeper lyrics, and multiple tempo changes, found on the album "Load", and its successor, "ReLoad".

The song was never commercially released as a single, though a promotional single was distributed to radio stations in mid-1997. That year, it would reach #6 on the Mainstream Rock Charts. Both the album version and a shorter (approximately 5-6 minute) radio edit (the most notable differences from the album track being the shortening of various instrumental passages and ending the song at the conclusion of the guitar solo).

The song has appeared from time to time in Metallica's live set since its release in 1996 including the live album "S&M" with the San Francisco Symphony.

ong meaning

There is some speculation as to what the song's lyrics are actually about. While there are thoughts of it being about a battle with addiction, former bassist Jason Newsted believes it is about a person being put through mental torture.

Metallica frontman James Hetfield explained what the song is about in a 2001 interview with Playboy:

"Around the time of Load, I felt I wanted to stop drinking. "Maybe I'm missing out on something. Everyone else seems so happy all the time. I want to get happy." I'd plan my life around a hangover: "The Misfits are playing in town Friday night, so Saturday is hangover day." I lost a lot of days in my life. Going to therapy for a year,I learned a lot about myself. There's a lot of things that scar you when you're growing up, you don't know why. The song Bleeding Me is about that: I was trying to bleed out all bad, get the evil out. While I was going through therapy, I discovered some ugly stuff in there. A dark spot."

In an interview shown on Kerrang! TV, Hetfield remarked on how he thought the other members of the band felt about him and his lyrics: "How did I know whether the rest of the guys in the band felt as much about the lyrics as I did? I could be singing 'Bleeding Me' with a tear in my eye and the rest of the guys might not have cared."


The song's demo was also called "Bleeding Me" and was recorded by Hetfield and Lars Ulrich in Ulrich' home studio 'Dungeon' on April 7, 1995.

Track listing

# "Bleeding Me (Edited Version)" - 5:57
# "Bleeding Me (Full Version)" - 8:18

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