Safe house

Safe house

*In law enforcement and intelligence jargon of intelligence agencies and police forces, a secured location, suitable for hiding witnesses, agents or other persons perceived as being in danger.
*A place where people may go to avoid prosecution of their activities by authorities.
*a location placed in the neighbourhood where a trusted adult or family or charity organization has agreed to provide a safe place for battered wives and abused children to go to, when they feel that their lives are threatened by domestic abuse. See also: Women's shelter.
* [ Safe House] , an espionage-theme restaurant in Milwaukee Wisconsin, an area attraction since 1966.
*Safe houses were an integral part of the Underground railroad, a network of safe locations which were used to assist slaves to escape to freedom in the United States. Some houses were marked with a statue of an African-American man holding a lantern, called "The Lantern Holder".cite web |url= |title=Man amasses black history treasure trove -- Page 2 -- Times Union - Albany NY |accessdate=2008-02-23 |format= |work=]
*Safe houses also provided a refuge for victims of Nazi persecution and for escaping Prisoners of war.

Typically, the locations of safe houses are kept secret from all but a limited number of people, for the safety of those hidden within them.

Many religious institutions will allow one to obtain sanctuary within one's place of worship, and some governments respect and do not violate such sanctuary. fact

ee also

*Sanctuary in medieval law
*Sanctuary in modern times
*Right of asylum


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