Saadiyat Island

Saadiyat Island

Saadiyat Island (In Arabic: جزيرة سعديات meaning "Island of Happiness") is a large, low lying island 500 meters off the coast of Abu Dhabi island to be developed.

A Dhs.100 billion (US$ 27 billion) mixed commercial, residential, and leisure project is currently under construction on the island, expected to be completed in 2018. According to government officials, Saadiyat Island is expected to become Abu Dhabi's cultural center.


Saadiyat Island is being developed by the Tourism Development & Investment Company(TDIC), an independent public joint stock company of which Abu Dhabi TourismAuthority is the sole shareholder. TDIC’s strategy is to dispose of development land onthe island to private investors who will each develop their sites in accordance with themasterplan and supporting planning regulations and design guidelines. [cite news|url=|title=Abu Dhabi to bulild Gehry-designed Guggenheim museum|date=July 8 2006||language=English|accessdate=2008-09-24]


* The Saadiyat Island development has been described as an intention to create an "up-scale cultural district to enrich Abu Dhabi".
* Many cultural projects have already been announced including the development of a Guggenheim Museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art. The Frank Gehry-designed building is due for completion in 2011 and will be the largest Guggenheim Museum at 30,000 square metres (320,000 ft²), [] with an estimated cost of $400 million.
* A Louvre museum will also be completed in 2012.
* Saadiyat Island will eventually house around 150,000 residents and will be connected to Abu Dhabi via two ten-lane causeways.
* Plans to build a world-class performing arts center and a concert hall are underway.
* New York University is opening a study-abroad campus on the island, expected to open by 2010.
* A Gary Player designed 18 hole championship golf course and golf academy along the beach

Proposed districts

From the official website [] :

Al Marina

*"Total area 4.4 km²"
*"Berthing for over 1,000 boats"
*"Boutique hotels"
*"Luxury apartments"
*"Leisure and entertainment"
*"Commercial and retail environment"

Cultural District

*"Total area 2.7 km²"Masterplan by EDAW
*"Maritime Museum" by Tadao Ando.
*"Sheikh Zayed National Museum" by Foster + Partners
*"Modern Art Museum" (the Guggenheim by Frank Gehry)
*"Classical Museum" (the Louvre Abu Dhabi by Jean Nouvel)
*"Performing Arts Centre" (by Zaha Hadid)
*"Office park"
*"Luxury town homes and apartments"
*"Boutique hotels"
*"Retail and commercial environment"

aadiyat Park

*"Total area 6 km²"
*"Luxury low-rise residential"
*"0.7 km² recreational area"
*"Waterside living"
*"Equestrian centre"

aadiyat Beach

*"Total area 4.33 km²"
*"International tourist destination"
*"9 Kilometers of natural beaches"
*"Five-star hotels and resorts"
*"Beach clubs"
*"A Gary Player designed Championship golf course with luxury residential"

outh Beach

*"Total area 2.68 km²"
*"Family resort"
*"Dynamic beach lifestyle"
*"Boardwalks with restaurants and cafés"
*"Leisure and entertainment"

The Wetlands

*"Total area 5.23 km²"
*"Championship golf course with luxury residential"
*"Boutique eco hotels"
*"Waterside living"
*"Eco centre"


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