Foreign relations of the Cook Islands

Foreign relations of the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands has 2 diplomatic Missions, a High Commission in New Zealand and an Embassy accredited to the European Union in Brussels. The Cook Islands Ambassador to the EU was HE Mr Todd McClay. Mr McClay has however retired from that position and moved back to New Zealand to successfully contest the Roturua seat in the 2008 New Zealand General Election. Mr James Gosselin, the Cook Islands Secretary of Foreign Affairs, currently serves as the Cook Islands non-resident representative to the European Union resident in Rarotonga.

In 1992, after receiving declaration by New Zealand and the gradual evolution of the Cook Islands responsibility for its own foreign affairs, the UN the Secretariat recognized the full treaty-making capacity of the Cook Islands.[1]

In 2000 the Cook Islands government signed the Cotonou Partnership Agreement between the European Union and Countries of the African, Caribbean and Pacific regions.

Upon signature of this agreement the Cook Islands Government established a representation to the EU in Brussels. In 2002 this representation was upgraded to a full diplomatic mission with accreditation to the European Union. The establishment of this mission marked an important development in Cook Islands international relations representing the first full diplomatic mission established by the Cook Islands outside of Pacific countries.

The Cook Islands Mission to the European Communities interacts with European Union Institutions, the ACP Group of States and other bilateral country representations and embassies.


Diplomatic Relations

The following countries have established formal diplomatic relations with the Cook Islands through the conclusion of joint communiqués and the like and/or seeking the accreditation of High Commissioners/Ambassadors:[2]







(* diplomatic envoys have been accredited or agréments issued and credentials remain to be presented)

International organization participation

In November 2011, the Cook Islands were one of the eight founding members of Polynesian Leaders Group, a regional grouping intended to cooperate on a variety of issues including culture and language, education, responses to climate change, and trade and investment.[11][12][13]

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