List of Trauma Center characters

List of Trauma Center characters

This article is a list of characters from ', ', ' and '.

UTK/SO/UTK2 Main characters

Derek Stiles

(Age: 26) (born 1992) - Derek Stiles is the main character and a surgeon at Hope Hospital (and later, Caduceus USA). He is just beginning to realize his potential. Dr. Stiles is a laid back type of person, and didn't take his patients seriously until Angie came along. Derek is a "descendant" of the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius, and is gifted with extreme concentration, an ability referred to as the "." In the first two games of the series, Derek fights against the deadly G.U.I.L.T. strain of viruses. He desires to help people because his father died of an illness when he was young (And later, by remembering a doctor telling him that he can't operate on his father). In Trauma Center: Second Opinion, he becomes Dr. Weaver's patient after being infected by Kyriaki and Paraskevi after an operation on a patient.

In "", Derek and Angie make a brief appearance in one of the later cutscenes in the game, notably as representative of Caduceus Japan (the end of UTK2 suggests his transfer), and assist Markus Vaughn and Valerie Blaylock in the last Challenge operation of the game, in which the player must treat simulated patients that are infected with not only Stigma, but GUILT as well.

Nozomi Weaver

(Age: 29) (born 1989) - Nozomi is introduced during the 'Z' episodes of Trauma Center: Second Opinion. Originally a doctor in Japan, her ability to use the Healing Touch made her known as the Devil Doctor because of its supernatural effect. Oddly she has the initials of NW like Derek has DS. NW is probably referring to Nintendo Wii, the only playable console for Trauma Center: Second Opinion. She lost her license in Japan before Delphi gave her a new name and had her work to help those they infected with GUILT that they wanted to use for further tests. She is playable in the 5 'Z' episodes, and the 4 operations during Chapter 6 and the X episodes. Her healing touch differs from Derek's, allowing her to raise a patients' vitals by receiving "Cool", "Good", or "OK" ranks in her actions, although in the 7th X mission against Savato, where using the Healing Touch to stop time completely is required to complete the operation, she discovers that she can use it the same way as Derek. After Delphi is found and eliminated, she offers samples of immature GUILT viruses to work for Caduceus Europe in exchange for her freedom. Eventually, her real name in the North American version is revealed to be Naomi Kimishima.

Angie Thompson

(Age: 21) (born 1997) - Angie Thompson is a young nurse that works as Derek's assistant. She is part German and was raised by a very well-educated family. She may seem a bit critical at times, but she is truly trying to help Dr. Stiles work to his full potential. Angie is also a smart thinker when it comes to medical situations. She usually can keep a grip on things, but occasionally gets caught up in the moment. Despite not being impressed with him early in the first game, she has been shown to harbor romantic feelings for Derek Stiles, with a relationship strongly implied at the end of UtK2.

UTK/SO/UTK2 Secondary Characters

Hope Hospital staff

Mary Fulton (age: 39) (born 1979) - The senior surgical assistant for Hope Hospital. She is a nurse whom helped Derek learn the basics of surgery. She moved away from Hope Hospital, where Angie took her place. Mary is seen later in the game, wondering if Dr. Stiles is alright after seeing footage of his operations on tape. She reappears in Under the Knife 2, where she takes on the role of assistant and mentor to Derek once again when he is transferred to Hope Hospital after losing the Healing Touch.

Greg Kasal (age: 35) (born 1983) - The senior surgeon at Hope Hospital. He is very kind and cool-headed during operations. He is also infected with the Tetarti (Τετάρτη) strain of G.U.I.L.T. later in the game and tells Dr. Stiles to operate on him as his final test in becoming a true surgeon. He is the older twin brother of Sidney Kasal. He marries Cybil Myers between Second Opinion and Under the Knife 2 and has a daughter name Kari.

Robert Hoffman (age: 62) (born 1956) - Dr. Hoffman was an exceptional surgeon who stopped practicing in his 40's after a problem, which is never fully explained in the games (though it hints that he failed a major operation using the Healing Touch), where it is referred to as "the accident". He's now the director of Hope Hospital. He is also gifted with the Healing Touch but seems reluctant to talk about it. After the death of Richard Anderson he becomes the head director of Caduceus USA. Later in the game, after an outbreak of GUILT, he returns to surgery and uses his Healing Touch, which is described as being able to make his surgery amazingly quick. This implies he holds the same Healing Touch as Derek. In the last mission of Trauma Center: Second Opinion, he is operated on by Stiles and Kimishima after being infected by a stronger Savato strain. During Under the Knife 2, Dr. Hoffman continues his work as the head director of Caduceus USA. He sends Derek back to Hope Hospital when Derek loses his Healing Touch realizing that Derek may be going though the same thing he went though.

UTK/SO Caduceus USA staff

Sidney Kasal (Age: 35) (born 1983) - Sidney is Greg Kasal's younger twin brother and director of Caduceus USA. He has dedicated his life to the study of clinical medicine after his wife died of illness.

Stephen Clarks (Age 42) (born 1976) - Caduceus's head surgeon. He has a wife and two children, and his kind demeanor has comforted many sick patients.

Cybil Myers (Age: 34) (born 1984) - The leading anesthesiologist at Caduceus. She was previously a policewoman. She's intelligent and very spirited. Some call her the "Iron Vixen". She was the only person in the assembly when the bomb was discovered who helped Derek to disarm it (knowing how to aid him due to previously dating a man on the bomb squad), proving Cybil to be quite a strong woman when in sticky situations. In , she reveals that she learned a bit about disarming bombs through an interesting conversation during her lunch break. She is the first character to be infected with the Paraskevi (Παρασκευή) strain of GUILT later in the game while chasing after a Delphi agent, who is later revealed to be Professor Blackwell and is operated on by Dr. Stiles. She marries Greg Kasal between Second Opinion and Under the Knife 2 and moves to Hope Hospital, as well as have a daughter name Kari.

Victor Niguel (UTK: Age 26) (born 1992) - Head of research and development. Victor genius and focuses mainly on his work and its uses. He is considered a recluse and can't stand the thought of "idiots" being near him. He is extremely narcissistic, refusing to admit defeat or mistakes, as shown when he fought the Pempti strain of GUILT. Victor often curses while assisting in operations. With the help of Dr. Stiles, he created the cure for the Tetarti (Τετάρτη) and Pempti (Πέμπτη) strains of GUILT, and helps him defeat Paraskevi. Because his thought patterns tend to focus on finding the quickest solution first, he lacks the skill to complete puzzles, which seems to annoy him. In Under The Knife he is voiced by Spike Spencer

Tyler Chase (Age: 26) (born 1992) - A former schoolmate of Derek's. He tries to keep everyone in a good mood. He was previously known as the 'Death Doctor' before Derek talked him out of practicing euthanasia. His sister, Amy, has a rare disease also caused by GUILT. In UTK2, he said the other students he teaches calls him 'The Demon' because he's merciless and goes really hard on them including Adel.

Leslie Sears (Age: 26) (born 1992) - One of the many nurses on staff at Caduceus. She looks after Tyler's sister, Amy. She continues to be Tyler's assistant during Under the Knife 2.

Richard Anderson (Age c. 60) (1958-2018) - The head director of Caduceus USA and Secretary of Health. He was an astounding politician but decided to go into medicine because of his love for it. He dies from the straining of his body from the three operations he had when he was infected with the Pempti strain of GUILT and leaves Caduceus USA in the hands of Robert Hoffman.

Other Characters

Adel Tulba (Age: 25) (born 1996) - An African doctor from Costigar who has just finished his medical training. Determined to restore his country, he has been assigned to Zakara's medical ward. He admires Derek and his Healing Touch, almost fanatically so, and is driven to improve himself. He was invited to return with Derek and Angie to Caduceus and was assigned to Tyler as his student. Later, he is diagnosed with the same fever ravaging his homeland, forcing Derek to operate immediately. However, Derek is unable to perform the Healing Touch and cannot finish the operation; the operation is finished by Dr Hoffman. Upon recovery, he learns that Derek did not use the Healing Touch to save him and enters a period of sulking before abruptly leaving Caduceus for the Hands of Asclepius. He was physically and mentally enhanced with the Sige strain of Neo-GUILT, and was trained to use the artificial Healing Touch by HOA. After the revelation of the HOA's illegal study of GUILT, Adel confronts Derek and tries to kill Derek using the Healing Touch. Before he is able to do so, he collapses from the now-active Neo-GUILT and is operated on by Dr Stiles. He is shown returning to Costigar to help treat patients at the end of the game.

Heather Ross (Age: 21) (born 2000) - A nurse from Elysium and Emilio's personal nurse. She has the same international license as Angie. She can speak Spanish. She was among those infected by the mutated strain of Kyriaki at Elysium and is operated on by Derek. After Emilio died from the Kyriaki, she joins Caduceus and helps Derek in a few operations. She's Patrick Mercer's foster daughter, although their relationship is strained. She assists Derek in operating on her mother and is shown taking care of her at the end of UtK2.

Emilio Juarez (Age: 17) (2004-2021) - A Mexican teenage orphan who was once a victim of Delphi's GUILT related experiments; he's now being treated at Elysium by Heather, with whom he shares a strong bond. He speaks Spanish fluently and struggles with English. He suffers from liver damage due to PGS to the point of requiring a transplant. During the liver transplant, he is then infected by the Nous strain of Neo-GUILT. During the GUILT outbreak in Elysium, Emilio begs Derek to operated on Heather first, due to his GUILT antibodies. He dies before Derek can operate on him. His death affects Derek greatly, causing him to lose confidence and later the Healing Touch.

Sylvia Warenburg (Age: ) - A counselor working in Costigar, She and Angie are good friends. When she went to the office on a supply run, the car she was in hit by a land mine. She suffered from a broken rib cage and pierced spleen and was operated by Derek. She fully recovers shortly thereafter.

Members of Delphi

Adam (Age: 121) - Born Erich von Raitenau in Austria in 1897, he was the head of the Delphi organization. He has been sustaining his life deep within the Delphi Headquarters situated on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean, and has been the main culprit in helping to produce the GUILT outbreak. Delphi believes that humans deserve the "blessing" of disease and they try to rid doctors from the world using GUILT After he is captured by Caduceus in Trauma Center: Second Opinion, it is revealed that Caduceus Europe preserved his body to create new treatments. After a severe GUILT outbreak, however, his body is finally destroyed, but not before Dr. Stiles and Dr. Kimishima being assigned to perform very dangerous surgeries on Adam in order to eradicate all of the GUILT strains inside his body. None of these reports were ever made public.

Professor Kenneth Blackwell (Age Unknown) - The father of Angie who left his family when Angie was only 8 years old. After discovering that Delphi wanted to use his own daughter in their GUILT experiments, he made a deal to join them in exchange for his family's safety. He was the creator of the seventh and final GUILT, Savato, and ends up infected with it. After being cured by Dr. Stiles, Blackwell gives his full cooperation to Caduceus in return for saving his life. He develops a serious heart condition in Under the Knife 2 and is operated on again by Derek, and later is released from prison in order to go undercover and investigate a large medical organization.

Ludwig Milan (Age Unknown) - A Delphi agent found at the medical facility where Professor Blackwell was conducting his research, he was the first victim of the immature form of Savato, which was in a developing stage at the time being. After being saved by Derek, he helped create the serum that would lead to Savato's destruction.

Heinrich von Raitenau - The grandson of Adam, Heinrich works to revive Delphi in the period between Second Opinion and Under the Knife 2. He once again causes a series of GUILT outbreaks and kidnaps both Derek Stiles and Angie Thompson before Delphi's new base is raided. He, along with his children Karl and Christine, harbors a GUILT implied to be beneficial much like Bliss, but which mutate to dangerous forms of Tetarti, Kyriaki, and Pempti once they are injected with an experimental antibiotic. He is operated on by Dr. Stiles and remains in prison for the rest of the game. Like Adam in the original Under the Knife, he reappears in the X missions to taunt Derek while he performs the surgeries.

The Hands of Asclepius

Patrick Mercer - Heather Ross' foster father and chief of the Hands of Asclepius (HOA) program created to provide cutting edge training for doctors worldwide, but in secret he was researching GUILT in hopes to bring back his wife from coma. His research was the origin of the four Neo-GUILT strains and when his plans are foiled, he is surrounded and killed while resisting prison.

Reina Mayuzumi - President of the Acropolis Pharmaceuticals, she tried to convince Derek to leave Caduceus and join her company, but he ends up rejecting her proposal. However, she convinced him to let her monitor one of his surgeries and used the data in the HOA program to create doctors with the healing touch power. In her obsession with eternal beauty, she became a host for the Neo-GUILT Aletheia which helped contain her aging process, but when Mercer injected with a special serum, Aletheia became out of control and started to attack her body, quickening her aging. She is saved by Derek and Angie, but her destiny is unveiled.

New Blood main characters

Markus Vaughn

(Age: 34) (born July 11, 1994 in California) - Originally a doctor at Concordia medical center, his research with Lloyd Wilkens forced him to be transferred to the Montgomery Memorial hospital at Alaska with his colleague Valerie Blaylock. When they were kidnapped by Kidman's group along with Elena Salazar, he revealed to be responsible for the birth of Stigma as part of an experiment with a mystery pathogen and synthetic blood, which he wished to destroy and forget but was further researched by professor Lloyd Wilkens. He has the same Healing Touch as Derek Stiles; the ability to temporarily slow time down. Although sometimes stubborn and cynical, he always concentrates on saving the patient, even in tense situations. Along the storyline, he aptly expresses his desire to eradicate Stigma.

Valerie Blaylock

(Age: 28) (born October 2, 2000 in North Carolina) - An intelligent, caring professional, Dr. Blaylock is eager to learn the Healing Touch from her colleague Dr. Vaughn, whom she followed to Montgomery Memorial. She's passionate about her work and her career, and will speak her mind when necessary. Her Healing Touch differs from Dr. Vaughn as it is able to stop vitals from falling while it's active. However, this prevents vitals from rising too. Also, as soon as Dr. Blaylock's Healing Touch ends, vitals will automatically rise.

Elena Salazar

(Age: 20) (born 2008 in California) - A former patient of Dr. Vaughn who underwent life-saving surgery. She studied to become a nurse so that she too, could help people. although she is still young, she is hard-working and not afraid of a challenge.

New Blood secondary characters

Montgomery Memorial staff

Miles Hoover (Age: 64) (born 1964) - The Director of Montgomery Memorial Hospital, a small facility in a remote part of Alaska first established by Dr. Alan Montgomery. His patience and warm character have earned him the respect of the locals. After he was operated on by Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Blaylock, he decided to retire and close down the hospital. He instrusted Markus and Valerie to return to Concordia.

Marcy Bloom (Age: 40) (born 1988) - The sole nurse working at Montgomery Memorial Hospital, she confidently assists Markus and Valerie in the operating room.

Erik Hayes (Age: ) A helicopter pilot who works at Montgomery Memorial.

Concordia staff

Lloyd Wilkens (Age: 49) (born 1979) - A professor at Concordia Medical Institute with whom Dr. Vaughn previously worked, conducting research. After he was infected by Cheir strain of Stigma and operated on by Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Blaylock, he was kidnapped by the Parnassus group, and his research stolen. During his captivity, a personality control electric unit was implanted in his brain (The surgeon responsible for this is never directly mentioned, though it is strongly hinted that it was Vakhushti) which caused him to believe he was the "director", third in command at Parnassus. He was recaptured during the raid at the Kidman family hideout, and it was up to Vaughn and Blaylock to deactivate this device in an extremely delicate operation. After this, he makes his last appearance, his memory warping back to when he was saved from Cheir at Concordia. He then destroys what's left of his Stigma research material.

Luc Rousseau (Age: ) - The chief surgeon at Concordia Medical Institute, he has the tendency to hog the most complicated or significant operations in order to receive more credit for them. When he witnesses the functionality of Stigma, he attempts to start and independent research of his own, but Wilkens stops him. When Wilkens' office is set on fire during his kidnapping, Rousseau gets caught in the burning and Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Blaylock have to save him.

Dr. Chen (Age: ) - A surgeon at Concordia Medical Institute. She is a relatively minor character in the story, as she does not appear very often at Concordia. She comes off as being somewhat bossy, but is compassionate as well.

New Blood Caduceus USA staff

Irene Quatro (Age: 51) (born 1977) - The Director of Caduceus USA. An intelligent woman who makes her decisions calmly and rationally, she has a background in psychology and is capable of reading people through keen observation.

Justin Everett (Age: 42) (born 1986) - Caduceus's chief surgeon. He's a down-to-earth family man. He suffered from cholelithiasis for 3 years, until Markus and Valerie operated on him. He did not want to be operated on because he was far more concerned with taking care of patients than taking care of himself.

Cynthia Kazakov (Age: 28) (born 2000) - A researcher who works for Humani, a large pharmaceutical company. An attractive, mature and intelligent woman, she's Valerie's old friend. She was operated on by Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Blaylock after she told them that Vakhushti installed a remote control bomb chip under the heart pump inside her heart and left her. Cynthia was later incarcerated for her involvement with Vakhushti.

Robert Cromwell (Age: 38) (born 1990) - Caduceus's head researcher. He won't hesitate to explain his most recent breakthrough in great detail. Though extremely polite, he tends to annoy people with his long-winded explanations and excessive use of scientific jargon.

Kanae Tsuji (Age: ) - A surgeon at Caduceus USA, possesses a perfectionist attitude reminiscent of Angie from UTK. Has a tendency to constantly nag and boss other surgeons around.

Leslie Newman (Age: ) - The chief nurse at Caduceus USA.

Residents of Culuruma

Maria Estrada (Age: 24) (born 2004) - A young doctor who was born in Culuruma, but completed medical school and residency in the U.S. She is also a translator for Markus, Valerie and Elena. Upon her return, she had contracted Vaimahse fever, and Markus and Valerie operated on her. She observes their operations on Stigma and hopes to be able to use this information to help the people in her country.

President Moreno (Age: 59) (born 1969) - The President of Culuruma. He calls Markus, Valerie and Elena to treat the Stigma cases in the country. He is very busy, trying to suppress the guerillas and also worried about the Stigma outbreak in his country. He asks a lot of the doctors, asking them to treat wounded soldiers as well as Stigma patients, but has good intentions.

Commander (Age: ) - A soldier in the Culuruma army. He wants to help his country and also helps the doctors during their stay in Culuruma.

Pepita (Age: 5) (born 2023) - A dog given to Markus and Valerie as a gift from the President of Culuruma. She was shot multiple times by a shotgun and was operated on by Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Blaylock.

Members of Parnassus

Master Vakhushti (Age: Unknown) - Originally Ray Kerensky, born in Caucasus he went to Russia and then America in order to study medicine, where he met Cynthia Kazakov and became her boyfriend. After many years, he successfully became a surgeon and returned to his homeland. While aiding refugees, the army tried to assassinate him. He considered this betrayal and started going insane, believing he was the descendant of an ancient legendary family, sole survivors of a great flood. In his strive for power, he received Stigma from Professor Wilkens and became obsessed with it, eventually developing the Cardia strain and using it to treat malignant diencephalic sclerosis. This, however, came with a side effect of delirium, inducing him to take the identity of a mad cultist who believes humanity's true and only purpose is chaos. After a while, he installed a bomb chip inside Cynthia, who was trying to talk him out of it, because he no longer held interest in her. He promotes various Stigma developings and sabotages all the culurium-based medical products using his connections to the Columba & Cornix company so that anyone who uses them will become infected with Stigma. The player must operate on him to face Cardia, the game's final boss. He died after Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Blaylock operated on him.

Kidman (Age: 37) (born 1991) - Born into the Deveraux mafia family, he grew to become a doctor and then was recruited for the army to fight in an undocumented war. Along this process, he became a medical terrorist who kidnapped Professor Wilkens and later Markus, Valerie and Elena as part of his plot to market Stigma as a biological weapon for financial gain. After the surgeons escape, he and Leland go to Culuruma and aid the guerrilla leader Ramsey Ramirez in their rebellion against the government in hopes of obtaining the mining rights to the Culurium mines (said material is crucial in the creation of Stigma). After the raid on Wanadeo Base, he was ultimately killed.

Leland (Age:Unknown) - A medical terrorist and the main agent of Kidman's group. Not much is known about him. He is the one constantly checking on the kidnapped Markus and Valerie and assigning them operations. He is saved and captured after the Wanadeo Base raid in Culuruma. His face is never shown, although he bears physical resemblance to Hans Nilsen, the director of Humani.

Jean-Paul Massey (Age:Unknown) - A low agent for Kidman's group, he first appears as a Hobo asking for drugs outside Concordia Medical Institute. He later encounters and kidnaps the surgeon team posing as a masked mercenary. Later, he "betrays" Kidman by trying to level the financial gain from Stigma, resulting in Leland shooting him and the surgeons having to save him.

Other secondary characters

Hans Nilsen (Age:) -The president of Humani Corporation, he is sometimes present during conferences at Caduceus. He takes Markus, Valerie and Elena to a hockey game, where one of the players is injured. Before they operate on him, he persuades Markus, Valerie and Elena to use a new anesthetic developed by his company on the patient. The anesthetic gives the patient convulsions during the operation, which is a bit suspicious.

Madame Rose Deveraux (Age:) - A mysterious mafia leader and Kidman's mother, she is suffering from unusual tumors told to be incurable by all the doctor she's seen. She summons Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Blaylock to her home to operate on her in exchange for information on Kidman's land owns. Even though she seems harsh, she has a noble personality and does her best to help those she trusts.

Leonardo Bello (Age: 32) (born 1996) - A confident, outspoken surgeon who performs difficult procedures live on the reality TV show Miracle Surgery. He won't hesitate to publicly criticize other in the industry. His surgical skills are astonishing, which has enabled him to capture the television audience's support and admiration. He is very adept at using the Healing Touch, but overexerts himself when operating on what he originally thought was an ulcer, but was actually the Ops strain of Stigma.

Guy Davidson (Age: 54) (born 1974) - The host of the reality TV program Miracle Surgery. Markus and Valerie finds him really annoying and wishes he'll shut his mouth. He later appears as the reporter on the scene during the raid on Kidman's hideout.

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