Supervision means the act of watching over the work or tasks of another who may lack full knowledge of the concept at hand. Supervision does not mean control of another but guidance in a work, professional or personal context.

* In psychology and psychotherapy supervision refers to the system whereby therapists are expected to arrange another therapist for their own benefit or to discuss their work. It is part of professional good practice. See Clinical supervision

* In Great Britain, especially at Cambridge University, the term can also mean a tutorial, that is, a meeting between a student or small group of students and a teacher responsible for their learning.

* In childcare and general use, the verb "to supervise" means to watch over, and is often used in the context of an adult watching children to ensure they are attended, acceptably behaved, and safe.

* Watara Supervision is a video game system.

* In telecommunication, supervision refers to the on-hook/off-hook condition of a phone line, making it part of line signalling.

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