War Is Hell

War Is Hell

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director = Burt Topper
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writer = Burt Topper
narrator = Audie Murphy
starring = Baynes Barron
Michael Bell
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released = 1963
runtime = 81 min.
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"War is Hell" is a 1963 award-winning black and white film about the Korean War, written and directed by Burt Topper. The film won an honorable mention at Cannes Film Festival in 1961.

Plot summary

Set in the Korean War, this movie depicts the atrocities of battle. In the film, Sgt. Garth, an egomaniacal, blood thirsty leader neglects to tell his soldiers that there has been a cease fire. The Sergeant sends his unit into an enemy bunker, where they are fiercely attacked by the enemy. The few who survive secure the bunker, and Garth attempts to take credit for their actions. Further chaos ensues, resulting in the deaths of many in the platoon, as well as the mortal wound to the Sergeant himself.

Tagline: "The iron-guts guys who kill for medals... dames... or just to stay alive!"


* Baynes Barron as Sgt. Garth
* Michael Bell as Seldon
* Bobby Byles as Gresler
* Wally Campo as Laney
* Kei Thin Chung as Korean Lieutenant (as Kei Chung)
* J.J. Dahner as Koller
* Judy Dan as Yung Chi Thomas
* Robert Howard as Connors
* Audie Murphy as Narrator
* Russ Prescott as Bender
* Tony Rich as Miller
* Tony Russel as Sgt. Keefer
* Paul Sheriff as Thurston
* Burt Topper as Lt. Hallen


*Director, Producer, Screenwriter : Burt Topper
*Associate Producer : Ross Hahn
*Music : Ronald Stein
*Cinematography : Jacques Marquette
*Editing : Ace Herman
*Special Effects : Pat Dinga
*Costume Design : Marjorie Corso


* Kirk Douglas was offered the role of Sergeant Garth, but he chose to produce and star in Stanley Kubrick's epic " Spartacus".


* Lee Harvey Oswald went into the Texas Theater in Dallas, Texas to see this film, without paying, shortly after the assassination of JFK. His failure to pay aroused the manager's suspicions, and this led to his arrest and later murder by Jack Ruby.

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