Bhangragga is a slang term for the style of music incorporating elements of Bhangra and dancehall (or Ragga, short for the word Raggamuffin) created by British Asian producers alex and lennart on the debut album by Apache Indian "No Reservations" (1993).The sound is very percussion-heavy - a distinct holdover from Bhangra - with a propulsive beat clearly designed for dancing. The Dancehall influence can be felt through the use of pre-programmed music, similar to Dancehall "riddims".Lyrically, the style features a combination of Sub-Continental-accented (usually Indian) vocals delivered in the clipped style associated with Dancehall - and sometimes including the Patois of the latter style.This style is almost exclusively a British phenomenon, as the two cultures involved in its genesis mix reasonably freely there. The most successful exponent, however, is Apache Indian, who had a world-wide hit with "Boom-Shak-A-Lak", which was included on the soundtrack to the film "Dumb and Dumber", among others.

The style is also known as Bhangramuffin and may also be known as Bhangra-wine.

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