Miscellaneous Technical (Unicode)

Miscellaneous Technical (Unicode)

Miscellaneous Technical is a Unicode character block, ranging from (hexadecimal) 2300 to 23FF, which contains various common symbols which are related to and used in the various technical, programing language and academic professions.

* Symbol ⌂ (HTML hexadecimal code is ⌂) represents a House or Home.
* Symbol unicode|⌘ (⌘) represents the "Command key" on Mac keyboard.
* Symbol unicode|⌚ (&#x231A) is a clock (or watch).
* Symbol unicode|⏏ (⏏) is the Eject button symbol found on electronic equipments.
* Symbol unicode|⏚ (⏚) is the "Earth Ground" symbol found on electrical or electronic manual, tag and equipments.

Miscellaneous Technical (2300-237F) in Unicode

In Unicode, "Miscellaneous Technical" symbols placed in the hexadecimal range 0x2300–0x23FF, (decimal 8960–9215),as described below.



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* Mapping of Unicode characters
* Unicode Symbols

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* [http://www.code2000.net/ Code2000.net] - Shareware fonts that support many of the above symbols.

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