Teuchter (pronounced /ˈtjuxtər/[1][2] or /ˈtʃuxtər/[2]) is a Lowland Scots word originally used to describe a Scottish Highlander, (in particular a Gaelic speaking Highlander.[3]), although in modern parlance it is used by urban Scots to describe any rural dweller. Like most such cultural epithets, it can be seen as offensive, but is often seen as amusing by the speaker. The term is contemptuous, essentially describing someone seen to be uncouth and rural.[2][3]



The word also shows up as cheuchter, chuchter, choochter but has no universally accepted etymology. From relative obscurity, it gained currency around 1910.[3]

There are three main theories on the etymology of the word:

  • a purely Gaelic derivation from tuath [t̪ʰuə] "peasantry, tenantry" or deoch [tʲɔx] "drink" (borrowed into Scots as teuch) plus an agent-forming suffix -air or -adair[3]
  • a derivation from the Scots adjective teuch "physically or mentally strong, tough" plus a suffix[3]
  • a derivation from the Scots noun teuchit/teuchat "lapwing"[3]

One folk etymology/urban myth is that during the First World War, many members of the Highland regiments were pipers. A book of sheet music for the pipes is called a "tutor", and when pronounced with the pre-aspiration of Gaelic accents when speaking English, this sounds like "teuchter".[4]


Like other rural stereotypes, teuchters commonly feature in jokes (Billy Connolly has performed and recorded a sketch where a teuchter visiting the city marvels at a bus as "a hoose wi wheels") though such stories often end with the apparently naive teuchter triumphing through hidden wiliness.

The archetypal cartoon teuchter is the cartoon character Angus Og, created by Ewan Bain.

A teuchter is the hero of Bill Hill's The Portree Kid,[5] which parodies the song Ghost Riders in the Sky as "The teuchter that cam frae Skye".

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