OneCodeSOLUTION Barcode is a mailing barcode used by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Each barcode can be 20, 25, 29, or 31 digits long, depending on the type of ZIP code (the U.S. postal code) present. Each digit has four possible states, numbered 0 to 3.

The OneCode will be required for letters and packages seeking discounted entry into the mailstream, such as bulk mail, in 2009.

Current implementations include a combination of PLANET (Confirm Service) and POSTNET, as well as a combination of ACS (Address Change Service) and POSTNET.

This barcode creates problems for mailers using older ink jet printing technology, as the manufacturer may not provide a font for generating the new barcode from its older equipment. This may cause mailers' equipment to become obsolete when the new Intelligent Mail Barcode is mandated in 2009.Facts|date=June 2007

The USPS provides downloads of [ encoders and fonts] , as well as a detailed encoding and layout specification ( [ current specification] ).

One of the major benefits in the CONFIRM/POSTNET implementation is the application of a unique identifier for every piece of barcoded mail handled by the USPS.

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* [ United States Postal Service - RIBBS Intelligent Mail Barcode Resource Download Site]
* [ United States Postal Service Specification - Intelligent Mail Barcode Questions & Answers] (Adobe PDF format)

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