March 2004

March 2004

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• 08 Abu Abbas
• 20 Queen Juliana
• 28 Peter Ustinov
• 30 Alistair Cooke
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Ongoing events

EU Enlargement
Exploration of Mars: Rovers
Haiti Rebellion
Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Occupation of Iraq
Same-sex marriage in the U.S.
War on Terrorism

March election results

• 07 Greece (legislative)
• 14 Russia (president)
• 14 Spain (legislative)
• 20 ROC (president)
• 20 ROC (referendum)
• 21 Malaysia (general)
• 21 El Salvador (president)
• 28 France (regions)

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March 1, 2004

March 2, 2004

March 3, 2004

March 4, 2004

  • The guilty verdict for Moroccan al-Qaeda suspect Mounir el Motassadeq's involvement in the September 11, 2001 attacks is overturned by the German appeals court, which orders a retrial. (Globe and Mail)
  • Three American Muslims accused of using paintball games to train for a jihad (holy war) are found guilty of conspiracy charges. (Fox news)
  • Horst Köhler resigns as the head of the International Monetary Fund in order to accept the nomination for Presidency of Germany.
  • Michael Dell, head of Dell Computers announces that he will step down as CEO of the computer manufacturer. However, he will still retain his position as chairman of the board. Dell president and COO, Kevin Rollins will assume the role of CEO. (CNN)
  • A significant copyright ruling by Supreme Court of Canada discusses fair dealing. (text of ruling)
  • Chinese authorities release Wang Youcai, a day after Rabiya Kadeer's release (BBC)
  • U.S. presidential election, 2004:
    • Controversy erupts over the US Republican Party's use of imagery from the September 11, 2001 attacks in campaign advertising, with some supporting the President, like Republican ex-New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, and some victims' families objecting strongly. (AP) (Guardian) (BBC) (Scotsman)
    • US Democratic Party labels the Bush campaign an "attack machine" which they vow to thwart at every turn. "Fund raising and the race to define your opponent before he defines you that's what it's all about," said one Democratic strategist yesterday. (Washington Times) The White House defends the use of images from the 2001 terror attacks in adverts for President Bush's re-election campaign. Karen Hughes states, "It's a reminder of our shared experience as a nation ... not just some distant tragedy from the past. It really defined our future". (BBC)
  • Israeli tanks (around 15 armoured vehicles escorted by several bulldozers) enter the town of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, exchanging gunfire with resistance and later demolishing a four-storey building, claiming "anti-terrorist operations". (Australian)
  • The Prime Minister of Malaysia dissolves the national parliament and all state assemblies except Sarawak's, paving the way for the general election to be held within 60 days as dictated by the constitution. (BBC)

March 5, 2004

March 6, 2004

  • Tens of thousands demonstrate in Caracas, Venezuela, against what they see as the government's fraud committed by the National Electoral Council related to the realization of a presidential referendum in mid-2004.
  • The United States puts forth a UN Security Council resolution seeking to freeze the assets of Charles Taylor, the exiled former president of Liberia. The U.S. also announces that it is pledging $35 million to help rebuild Liberia's armed forces and that it supports the cancellation of Liberia's international debt, providing that economic reforms are implemented. (BBC)
  • Singer David Crosby is arrested in New York City after marijuana and a handgun were found in a suitcase Crosby accidentally left behind at his hotel. (CNN)
  • Palestinians are killed and wounded in attack on the main crossing point between the Gaza Strip and Israel. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claim responsibility. (BBC)
  • Teenagers released from Guantanamo Bay's Camp X-Ray recall the place fondly. (Guardian)
  • Turkish politicians claim that there is political consensus within Turkey to join the European Union, despite the EU's demands for changes before that can occur. (IHT)
  • Up to 80,000 people march through the Turkish capital Ankara against plans to reform the country's civil service. The marchers fear that the reforms could lead to the civil service becoming politicised or losing its secular status. (BBC)
  • Canadian federal election: Former deputy prime minister Sheila Copps loses the Liberal constituency nomination to current Transport Minister Tony Valeri by 311 votes. She will likely appeal; there is some speculation that if the loss remains, she will either run as an independent or for the New Democratic Party. (Toronto Star)
  • The scientists of the Russian polar research station near the North Pole are evacuated from their shifting and cracking ice floe by two Russian helicopters via Norway's Spitsbergen island. (BBC)

March 7, 2004

March 8, 2004

March 9, 2004

March 10, 2004

March 11, 2004

March 12, 2004

March 13, 2004

  • ROC presidential election, 2004: 2 million people march in 24 rallies across Taiwan in support of Lien Chan's bid for the presidency. (Reuters)
  • The death toll in the Madrid bombings rises to 200; investigators continue search for perpetrators, with suspicions against ETA complemented by the apprehension of five foreign citizens connected to terror attacks in Morocco. (BBC) (AP)
  • U.S. forces launch new offensive aimed at the Taliban and al-Qaeda and the capture of Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar in Afghanistan. (AP)
  • Fifteen teams that qualified for the DARPA Grand Challenge start on a 150–200 mile robotic race to Las Vegas, Nevada, for a $1 million prize. All of the teams break down within seven miles of the start line; none collect the prize. (The Register) (The Register)
  • Nine people, eight of whom are children, are found dead in Fresno, California, US. A man apparently related to the victims is arrested. The police speculate that the deaths may have been part of a ritual. (CNN) (AOL news)
  • Malaysian general election, 2004: Nomination day. Barisan Nasional takes 15 Parliamentary seats uncontested and 7 state assembly seats. The Islamic Party of Malaysia captures one parliamentary seat in the state of Johor.

March 14, 2004

March 15, 2004

March 16, 2004

March 17, 2004

March 18, 2004

March 19, 2004

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