PoliticsThe centre-left (or center-left) is a political term commonly used to describe or denote individuals, political parties or organizations (such as think tanks) whose views stretch from the centre to the left on the left-right spectrum, excluding far left stances.

Ideological definition of the centre-left

The centre-left includes social liberals, social democrats, democratic socialists, progressives and also some greens. Centre-left supporters accept market allocation of resources in a mixed economy with a significant public sector and a thriving private sector. Centre-left policies tend to favour limited state intervention in the economy in matters pertaining to the public interest. The centre-left also often favours moderate environmentalist policies and generally, though not universally, supports individual freedom on moral issues.

Examples of centre-left parties

Examples of centre-left political parties include:
* In Argentina:
**ARI - Support for an Egalitarian Republic
**Justicialist Party
* In Australia:
** Australian Labor Party
** Australian Democrats
* In Austria:
** Social Democratic Party of Austria
** The Greens – The Green Alternative
*In the "'Basque Country:
**Basque Social Democracy (EA)
* In Brazil:
** Workers' Party
* In "' Canada (federal parties):
** New Democratic Party
** Green Party of Canada
** Liberal Party of Canada
* In Chile:
** Socialist Party of Chile
* In Croatia:
** Social Democratic Party of Croatia
* In Czech Republic:
**Czech Social Democratic Party
* In Denmark:
** Republican Party (Faroe Islands)
** Social Democrats
** Danish Social Liberal Party
* In the European Parliament:
**Party of European Socialists
* In Finland:
** Green League
** Social Democratic Party of Finland
* In France:
** Socialist Party
** Left Radical Party
* In Germany:
** Social Democratic Party of Germany
** Alliance '90/The Greens
* In Great Britain:
** Labour Party
** Plaid Cymru - Party of Wales
** Scottish National Party
** Liberal Democrats
* In Greece:
** Panhellenic Socialist Movement
* In Hungary:
** Hungarian Socialist Party
* In Iceland:
** Social Democratic Alliance
* In India:
** Indian National Congress
** Nationalist Congress Party
* In Ireland:
** Labour Party
** Green Party
* In Israel:
** Israeli Labor Party
* In Italy:
**Democratic Party
**Socialist Party
* In Japan:
** Democratic Party of Japan
** Social Democratic Party
* In Republic of Korea:
** United Democratic Party
* In The Netherlands:
** Labour Party
** Democrats 66
* In New Zealand:
** New Zealand Labour Party
* In Northern Ireland
** Social Democratic and Labour Party
* In Norway:
** Norwegian Labour Party
* In Mexico:
** Institutional Revolutionary Party
** Party of the Democratic Revolution
** Convergencia
* In Pakistan:
** Pakistan Peoples Party
** Awami National Party
* In Poland:
** Democratic Left Alliance
** Social Democracy of Poland
** Labour Union
** The Democratic Party
* In Portugal:
** Socialist Party
* In Russia:
** Fair Russia
* In Serbia:
** Democratic Party
* In "'Slovakia:
** Direction - Social Democracy
* In Slovenia:
** Socialni demokrati
* In South Africa:
** United Democratic Movement
* In Spain:
** Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE)
* In Sweden:
** Swedish Social Democratic Party
* In Switzerland:
** Social Democratic Party of Switzerland
* In Turkey:
** Democratic Left Party
** Republican People's Party
** Social Democratic People's Party
* In the United States:
** United States Democratic Party
** Green Party
* In Uruguay:
** Frente Amplio

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