Yemeni cuisine

Yemeni cuisine
Fatoot, Yemeni fried bread with eggs

Yemeni cuisine is entirely distinct from the more widely known Middle Eastern cuisines.[clarification needed] Yemeni cuisine also differs slightly from region to region.



Jachnun served with fresh grated tomato and skhug
Simple homemade flatbread

Chicken and lamb are eaten more often than beef, which is expensive. Fish is also eaten, especially in the coastal areas. Cheese, butter, and other dairy products are not very common in the Yemeni diet, but buttermilk is enjoyed almost daily in some villages where it is available. The most commonly used oils are vegetable oil for savory dishes, and clarified butter semn (سمن) in pastries.


A spice mixture known as hawayij is employed in many Yemeni dishes. Hawayij includes aniseed, fennel seeds, ginger and cardamom.

Yemeni dishes

Some common Yemeni dishes include Aseed, Bint AlSahn, Fahsa, Fattah, Fatoot, Hareesh, Jachnun, Karees, Komroh, Manti, Mateet, Mutabbaq, Samak Mofa, Shafut, Shakshouka, Thareed, and Zoam.


Although each region has their own variation, Saltah (سلتة) is considered the national dish. The base is a brown meat stew of Turkish origin called maraq (مرق), a dollop of fenugreek froth, and sahawiq (سحاوق) or sahowqa (a mixture of chillies, tomatoes, garlic and herbs ground into a salsa.) Rice, potatoes, scrambled eggs, and vegetables are common additions to Saltah. It is eaten with flat bread, which serves as a utensil to scoop up the food.

Yemeni bread varieties

Tawa, Tameez, Laxoox, Malooga, Kader, Fateer, Kudam, Rashoosh, Oshar, Khamira Flat bread is usually baked at home in a tandoor called taboon (تبون). Malooga, khubz, and khamira are popular homemade breads. Store-bought pita bread and roti (bread rolls like French bread) are also common.


Black tea

Milk tea (after Qat), black tea (with clove, cardamom or mint), Qishr (coffee husks), Qahwa (coffee), Karkadin (dried karkadin flowers), Naqe'e Al Zabib cold raisin drink and Diba'a squash nectar are examples of Yemeni drinks.

Although coffee and tea are consumed throughout Yemen, coffee is the preferred drink in Sana'a whereas black tea is the beverage of choice in Aden and Hadhramaut. Tea is consumed along with breakfast, after lunch (occasionally with sweets and pastries), and along with dinner. Popular flavorings include cloves with cardamom and mint. A drink made from coffee husks called qishr is also enjoyed.

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