Canadian Curling Association

Canadian Curling Association

The Canadian Curling Association (CCA) is a Canadian organization responsible for encouraging and facilitating growth and development of the sport of curling. The CCA is associated with more than a dozen provincial and territorial curling associations across the country.


The CCA was created in 1990 when Curl Canada and the Canadian Ladies' Curling Association amalgamated. From its creation until 2007, Dave Parkes was the General Manager and then Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Greg Stemlaw is now CEO.

Presidents (Chairs of the Board 2008-present)

*1938-39: Elbridge MacKay
*1940-41: Dr. A. F. Anderson
*1941-42: Hon. Thane Campbell
*1942-46: Bill Norgan
*1946-47: James E. Armstrong
*1947-48: Hon. Brig. Colin A. Campbell
*1949-50: Gordon Hudson
*1951-52: Niven Jackson
*1952-53: Fielding Rankine
*1953-54: Emmett Smith
*1954-55: Cyril Boyd
*1955-56: Hon. Sen. Richard Donahoe
*1956-57: John Dutton
*1957-58: Samuel Rothchild
*1958-59: Archibald Wilson
*1959-60: Walter B. Cowan
*1960-61: Alan MacGowan
*1961-62: Earl Bourne
*1962-63: Ted Pattee
*1963-64: Richard T. Topping
*1964-65: Arthur Skinner
*1965-66: Frank F. Sargent
*1966-67: Hon. Gordon Lockhart Bennett
*1967-68: William Lumsden
*1968-69: Harry P. Carter
*1969-70: Albert Parkhill
*1970-71: Dr. Maurice Campbell
*1971-72: T. Gordon Thompson
*1972-73: Irl England
*1973-74: D. William Currie
*1974-75: L. E. Olson
*1975-76: William Leaman
*1976-77: David C. Smith
*1977-78: Herbert Millham
*1978-79: Clifton Thompson
*1979-80: Frank Stent
*1980-81: Cecil Watt
*1981-82: Thomas Fisher
*1982-83: Cyril S. Walters
*1983-84: Raymond Kingsmith
*1984-85: Dr. Clyde Opaleychuk
*1985-86: Ralph Boyd
*1986-87: Jerry Muzika
*1987-88: Harvey Mazinke
*1988-89: Joseph Gurowka
*1989-90: Dr. Edward Steeves
*1990: Donald R. MacLeod
*1990-91: Dr. Edward Steeves
*1991-92: Mary-Anne Nicholson
*1992-93: Stanley Oleson
*1993-94: Evelyn Krahn
*1994-95: Lorne Mitton
*1995-96: Shirley Morash
*1996-97: Pat Reid
*1997-98: Harvey Malo
*1998-99: Judy Veinot
*1999-00: Jack Boutilier
*2001-02: Zivan Saper
*2002-03: Maureen Miller
*2003-04: Don Petlak
*2004-05: Barry Greenberg
*2005-06: Jerry Shoemaker
*2006-07: Donna Duffett
*2007-08: Al Forsythe
*2008-09: Fran Todd

Other resources

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* Scotties Tournament of Hearts (National women's championship)
* Tim Hortons Brier (National men's championship)
* CCA rankings

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* [ Canadian Curling Association Official Website]

Further reading

* [ Bonspiel! The History of Curling in Canada] at Library and Archives Canada

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