Blondie, Blondy or Blondi may refer to:

* Blondie (band), an American rock band
** Debbie Harry, lead singer of Blondie who is often incorrectly referred to by that name
** "Blondie" (album), the self-titled debut album from Blondie
* "Blondie" (comic strip), a long-running newspaper comic strip
** "Blondie" (film) (1938), a movie based on the comic strip
** "Blondie" (radio) (1939-1950), a radio comedy series based on the comic strip
**"Blondie" (1957), the NBC TV series based on the comic strip.
**"Blondie" (1968), the updated, short-lived, CBS version.
* Alpha Blondy, a famous reggae singer
* Blondi, Adolf Hitler's German Shepherd Dog
* The nickname of Clint Eastwood's character, the Man with No Name, in the film "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
* Blondi (fictional), an intelligent German Shepherd dog on "Kingdom Hospital"
*Blondie (cookie), a brownie made without chocolate
* A term used to describe somebody with exceptionally light or dark blond hair, sometimes considered offensive

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