Vasi-vari language

Vasi-vari language

Infobox Language
name= Vasi-vari
familycolor= Indo-European
states= Afghanistan
region= Prasun Valley
speakers= 1,000 (2000)
iso1="none"|iso2="none"|iso3= prn|notice=Indic

Vasi-vari is a language spoken by the Vasi in a few villages in the Prasun Valley in Afghanistan. The most used alternative names are "Prasuni" or "Prasun", which derive from Pashto.

Vasi-vari belongs to the Indo-European language family, and is on the Nuristani group of the Indo-Iranian branch.

Its speakers have been estimated at 1,000 (2000) and are largely Muslim. Literacy rates are low: below 1% for people who have it as a first language, and between 15% to 25% for people who have it as a second language.

Vasi-vari is the most isolated of the Nuristani languages.


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