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capital =Laviana
coordinates =coord|43|14|8.74|N|5|33|22.5|W|region:ES-O_type:region_source:dewiki|display=inline,title
population =14.312
year =2007
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population percentage =1,33
density =109,26
area =130,99
highest point =Peña Mea, 1.560 m
parishes =9
postcode = 33970, 33979, 33980
mayor =José Marciano Barreñada
party =PSOE
website = (en)
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Laviana (Asturian: Llaviana) is a municipality in the Autonomous Community of the Principality of Asturias. It is bordered on the north by Bimenes and Nava, on the south by Aller, on the east by Piloña and Sobrescobio, and on the west by San Martín del Rey Aurelio and Mieres.

Situated in the basin of the Rio Nalon, it is a terminal for the FC de Langreo railway, now subsumed by FEVE, which connects it to the port of Gijón.


Mining, agriculture and stock-rearing have been the principal industries since the early 20th century.


Prehistoric to Middle Ages

Almost everywhere in Asturia you find Prehistorian Signs, also in the region Laviana. Some Hill Forts and Dolmen made in the Bronze Age and in the Iron Ageare stil visitable (Castro de El Cercu, El Prau in Castiello and La Corona in Boroñes).
Also the Romans buildt some Bridges along the Rio Nalon Street which are used today.

Middle Ages to ...

The name "Flaviana" was written down first time, in 1115 when the area was bordered to the Monastery "San Vicente de Oviedo".
During the Peninsular War and the Carlism revolution, Laviana was the area for some famous battles.

Coat of Arms

* Top left: Coat of Arms from family León > León
* Middle left: Coat of Arms from family León > France
* Bottom left: Coat of Arms from family Quirós
* Top right: Coat of Arms from family León > Holy Roman Empire (Austria)
* Middle right: Coat of Arms from family León > Castile
* Bottom right: Coat of Arms from family Alvarez de las Asturias
* The middle: the Victorycross


Demography 5col|510px
15204 | 15105 | 14531 | 14373 | 14312 |


ref: [ Ministerio del Interior] y [ Federación Asturiana de Concejos]

Points of Interest

* Iglesia (Church) de San Nicolás (from 12. century)
* Iglesia de Nuestra Señor de Otero
* La Casona de los Menéndez (Cheese producion)
* also take a look into the Website [ "Monumentos"]

Fiesta and Feria

Almost every month, there are some specials in the region, the importand dates you find on the Website [ ´´Fiestas´´]

="Parroquias" (Parishes)=

*El Condado (Asturian: El Condao)
*Lorio (Llorío)
*Pola de Laviana (La Pola)

Famous people

*Armando Palacio Valdés, writer
*Los Berrones, agro-rock group

External links

* [ Citypage] en es
* [ Federación Asturiana de Concejos] es
* [ Foros de Laviana] (web-forum about Laviana) es

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