Fighting Spirit (Power Rangers)

Fighting Spirit (Power Rangers)

"Fighting Spirit" is the 27th episode of the American children's television series "", the twelfth series produced as part of the "Power Rangers" franchise. As with all "Power Rangers: Dino Thunder" episodes, some of the footage is taken from the Japanese "Super Sentai" series that "Dino Thunder" is adapted from, "Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger".

"Fighting Spirit" is primarily focused on the character Tommy Oliver, who has appeared in multiple "Power Rangers" series. This episode examines his role as the new Black Ranger, the powers of which he gained in "Back in Black". Jason David Frank returns to the show full-time in this episode, having appeared voice-only in the previous twelve episodes.

Plot summary

Tommy calls the other Rangers to the lair and informs them that he and Hayley may have found a solution to his problem (he was turned invisible following a botched experiment to remove him from a state of being permanently morphed). The experiment involves using the energy from the Black Dino Gem to revive his normal form, because he told Hayley that his Dino Gem has the powerful power source; however, the experiment goes awry when the machine transferring the power malfunctions and although Tommy is returned to normal, he is left in a coma and the Black Dino Gem is destroyed.

Worried, the Rangers and Hayley get Tommy to the hospital where they are informed by doctors that his vital signs are normal, but his brain waves are out of control. As Tommy lies in the bed, a news report comes on the television warning the Reefside citizens about an attack in the city (a revived Terrorsaurus infused with the same energy that is used by the Rangers' Dino Gems). The Rangers are badly defeated by the Terrorsaurus, who steals the power of their gems.

Meanwhile, Tommy is shown in a dream state where he encounters Zeo Ranger V, who challenges him to a fight. Tommy finds himself unable to morph and has to fight his former self without his powers. Tommy passes the test, but is informed that he will face tougher challenges later.

Back in Reefside, Cassidy figures that the Power Rangers have abandoned the city, and is given the chance to live her dream as the lead story on the 6-o'clock news by reporting that the Power Rangers have left Reefside when they are needed the most. Angry at this notion, Devin tells Cassidy that she'll have to get the story without him, as he knows the Rangers "will" return.

Tommy, still in a dream state, finds himself in a jungle location and says to himself "I don't think we're in Reefside anymore" a comment that is met with the reply of "Or Angel Grove!" as the White Power Ranger reveals himself as the second test. He starts by exclaiming, "finally cut that hair, huh Tommy?" The White Ranger, armed with Saba, slams Tommy into a tree and taunts him. Tommy eventually finds the strength to overcome White Ranger, who tells him, "Impressive, now you face your toughest challenge."

In Reefside, the Rangers decide they must face the Terrorsaurus, powers or not, as it's what Tommy would do, and they depart to face their toughest test to date. In the news studio, Cassidy gives her report: "Some people think the Power Rangers have abandoned Reefside...". She then looks over at Devin's disapproving face. "I am not one of these people. We should be grateful to the Rangers for all they have done for us, and believe they will return."

Tommy, still in the jungle, narrowly misses getting hit by the Dragon Dagger and turns his head to see the Green Power Ranger. Tommy says, "I had a feeling I'd run into you" and grabs it to battle his original Ranger form. The Green Ranger eventually regains the dagger and uses its power to attack Tommy. The Green Ranger knocks Tommy to the floor and says, "Give up, you'll never win"; Tommy angrily replies, "Give up is the one thing I'll never do". The Green Ranger extends his hand and informs Tommy that he has passed the final test. The two previous Rangers show up and present Tommy with the shards of the Black Dino Gem, which are fused together when Tommy takes them. They inform Tommy that he wasn't really fighting against "them", but rather, he was fighting for his life. After taking the Gem shards, Tommy then awakens from his coma, to the delight of Hayley who is still guarding his bedside.

Meanwhile, the Rangers attempt to fight Terrorsaurus without their powers. Despite being heavily beaten, they refuse to give up. Just as Terrorsaurus is moving in for the final blow he is attacked by Tommy. The younger Rangers are delighted to see their mentor has recovered. Tommy then morphs to face the Terrorsaurus. Calling upon Super Dino Mode (to the shock of the younger Rangers), Tommy is able to defeat the Terrorsaurus and present the other Rangers with their Dino Gems. Mesogog uses the hydro-regenerator to revive the monster. Kira, Conner, and Ethan call upon the Megazord to fight the monster, eventually using Super Dino Mode to overcome the powerful Terrorsaurus.

Back in the lair, Tommy and Hayley thank the Rangers for their courage during a tough period.


*This marked the first time in the show's history that they actually had an authentic version of the Dragon Shield from "Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger" (the Sentai series that was the basis of the first season of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers").

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