Street names of Warsaw

Street names of Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of the European country of Poland. This page gives an overview of street names in the city that refer to famous persons, cities or historic events.

Traditionally the streets in Warsaw, unlike in many other cities in Poland, are named with adjective forms rather than in simple nouns in nominative case. For instance, the street named after Saint John is named Świętojańska (literally "Saintjohnian Street") in Warsaw and "Święty Jan" (literally Saint John) in Poznań. In modern times the tradition is not closely observed and most streets named after personalities or groups are named with nouns in genitive case, thus the forms correspond roughly to the English prepositional phrases (Polish "Plac Zwycięstwa" means literally "Square of Victory" rather than "Victory Square".

In the center of the city (postal code 00-0xx)


* Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, 1921–1944, Polish-Jewish poet and Home Army soldier
* Gabriela Boduena
* Juliusz Bursche, 1862–1942, General Superintendent of the Polish Lutheran Church
* Canaletto, 1697–1768, Venetian painter who painted 26 views of Warsaw
* Antonio Corazzi, 1792–1877, Italian architect of the Teatr Wielki, Warsaw
* Tadeusz Czacki, 1765–1813, Polish statesman
* Roman Dmowski, 1864–1939, Polish politician, chief ideologue and co-founder of the National Democratic Party
* Aleksander Fredro, 1793–1876, Polish poet and writer
* Tylman van Gameren, 1632–1706, a Dutch architect and engineer who worked for Queen Maria Kasimira of Poland
* Charles de Gaulle, 1890–1970, former president of France
* Wojciech Gorski, 1739–1818, bishop
* Stanisław Małachowski, 1736–1809, Polish aristocrat
* Emil Młynarski, 1870–1935, Polish conductor and composer
* Molière, 1622–1673, French theatre writer, director and actor, one of the masters of comic satire
* Stanisław Moniuszko, 1819–1872, Polish conductor, composer, author of many songs, operas, and ballets filled with patriotic and Polish folk themes.
* Vaslav Nijinsky, 1890–1950, a Polish-born Russian ballet dancer and choreographer
* Józef Piłsudski, 1867–1935, Polish revolutionary, statesman and dictator
* Winnie-the-Pooh, cartoon character ("Kubusia Puchatka")
* Witold Rowicki, 1914–1989, conductor
* Henryk Sienkiewicz, 1846–1916, Nobel prize winning writer
* Michał Karaszewicz-Tokarzewski, 1893–1964, a Polish general
* Romuald Traugutt, 1826–1864, Polish general
* Julian Tuwim, 1894–1953, Polish poet of Jewish origin
* Stefan Wiechecki, 1896–1979, Polish writer who studied the Warsaw dialect

Groups of people

* the Ossolinski family
* Square of the Warsaw Uprisers ("Powstancow Warszawy")
* Solidarity, the Polish trade union federation founded in September 1980 that helped bring down the communist regime ("Solidarnosci")


* Jerusalem, capital of Israel ("Jerozolimskie")
* Kraków, second largest city in Poland ("Krakowskie Przedmieście")
* Mazowsze Voivodeship, largest and most populous of the sixteen Polish administrative regions or voivodships ("Mazowiecki")


* Mortgage street ("Hipoteczna")
* Credit street ("Kredytowa")
* Royal street ("Krolewska")
* Honey street ("Miodowa")
* New World street ("Nowy Świat")
* Holy Cross street ("Swiętokrzyska")
* School street ("Szkolna")
* Hospital street ("Szpitalna")
* Outlook street ("Widok")
* Gold street ("Złota")

In the western part of the city centre (postal code 00-1xx)


* Władysław Anders, 1892–1970, General in the Polish Army and later a politician with the Polish government-in-exile in London.
* Mordechaj Anielewicz, 1919–1943, the commander of the Jewish Fighting Organization ("Żydowska Organizacja Bojowa") during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
* Kostanty Grzybowski, 1901–1970, lawyer and historian
* Jozef Lewartowski, 1895–1942, Socialist party activist
* Stefan Mirowski, 1920–1996
* John Paul II, 1920–2005, Roman Catholic pope born in Poland ("Jana Pawla")
* Emilia Plater, 1806–1831, Polish revolutionary that fought in the November Uprising
* Ludwig Zamenhof, 1859–1917, initiator of Esperanto

Groups of people

* the Radosław group of the Armia Krajowa ("Zgrupowania AK Radosław")
* Carmelite street ("Karmelicka")
* the Przosna noble family (or "szlachta")


* Parade Square ("Plac Defilad")
* Iron Gate Square ("Plac Zelaznej Bramy")
* Swamp street ("Bagno")
* Wild street ("Dzika")
* Boundary street ("Graniczna")
* Problem street ("Kłopot")
* Nice street ("Miła")
* Nalewki street, named after the main municipal water source located there
* Orla, after the Polish name for an eagle
* Humble street ("Pokorna")
* Transit street ("Przechodnia")
* Bird street ("Ptasia")

=In the Old Town district (postal code 00-2xx)=


* Bellony
* the mayor's street ("Burmistrzowska")
* Wlodzimierz Dolanski, 1886–1973, doctor that treated the blind
* the deacon's street ("Dziekania")
* Elie Fondaminski, 1880–1942
* St. George's street ("Swietojerska")
* Wiktor Gomulicki, 1848–1919, Polish writer
* St. John's street ("Swietojanska")
* Jan Kiliński, 1760–1819, commander of the Kościuszko Uprising
* Antonio Kacpury
* Roman Sanguszko, 1800–1881, Polish aristocrat, patriot and political activist
* Leon Schiller, 1887–1954, Polish theater director
* Zygmunt Slominski, president of Warsaw


* Birch street ("Brzozowa")
* Customs street ("Celna")
* Tight street ("Ciasna")
* Stone Stairs street ("Kamienne Schodki")
* Cannon street ("Kanonia")
* Church street ("Koscielna")
* Crooked Wheel street ("Krzywe Kolo")
* Bridge street ("Mostowa")
* Muranów, a district of Warsaw ("Muranowska")
* Dog's street ("Piesza")
* Beer street ("Piwna")
* street at the market ("Przyrynek"), next to New Town Market Square
* New Town Market Square ("Rynek Nowego Miasta")
* Old Town Market Square ("Rynek Starego Miasta")
* Chivalry street ("Rycerska")
* wide and narrow Danube streets ("Szeroki" and "Waski Dunaj")

Groups of people

* Heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto ("Bohaterow Ghetta")
* The Bonifrater Order
* The Franciscan Order
* The Jesuit Order
* The Capuchin Order ("Kapucynska")
* 1st Polish Armoured Division ("1 Dywizji Pancernej")

Historic events

* Baroque ("Barokowa")
* Kościuszko Uprising

On the banks of the Vistula (postal code 00-3xx)


* Julian Bartoszewicz, Polish historian
* Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński, 1905–1953, Polish poet
* Stefan Jaracz, 1883–1945, Polish actor and director
* Emil Konopczynski
* Saint Francis de Sales, 1562–1622, ("Franciszka Salezego")
* Julian Smulikowski

Groups of people

* Red Cross street ("Czerwonego Krzyża")


* Side street ("Boczna")
* Quiet street ("Cicha")
* Goods street ("Dobra")
* Wooden street ("Drewniana")
* Electric street ("Electryczna")

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