12th century in poetry

12th century in poetry

in?=in poetry
cpb=th century
c=12th century
cn1=13th century



* Emergence of the troubadour, trouvère and minnesänger traditions, in the Occitan, Langues d'oïl and Middle High German vernaculars respectively

Major works

* 1180 to 1210 - Nibelunglied
* The Tale of Igor's Campaign in Old East Slavic, dated near the end of the century
* Ormulum in Middle English
* Chanson d'Antioche and other crusader tales at the beginning of the century.


* Chrétien de Troyes flourishes in the 1170s and 1180s.
* Marie de France flourishes from approximately 1170 through 1205/1210.
* Jean Bodel
* Undated troubadors:* Bernart de Ventadorn (c. 1130s - c. 1190s):* Cercamon (fl. 1130s and 1140s):* Marcabru (fl. 1140s and 1150s):* Arnaut de Mareuil (fl. late 12th c.)
* Goliard poets, writing in Latin, flourish in European universities
* Nigel de Longchamps, writing in Latin in England
* John of Hauville, writing in Latin, probably in France
* Walter of Châtillon, writing in Latin in France
* Cynddelw Brydydd Mawr, fl. in the last half of the century in Wales
* Joseph ben Isaac Bekhor Shor, writing in Hebrew in France in the last half of the century

Middle East


* Emergence of Turkic poetry


* Michael Glycas, Byzantine



* Nizami Aruzi
* Mahsati, a woman poet from Azerbaijan
* Rashid al-Din Muhammad al-Umari Vatvat

outh Asia


* Akka Mahadevi, in Kannada
* Allama Prabhu, in Kannada
* Nagavarma II, in Kannada
* Rudrabhatta, in Kannada
* Chand Bardai in Hindi
* Fariduddin Ganjshakar in Punjabi

outheast Asia

* Kakawin Hariwangsa authored mid-century in Java

Decades and years

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