A stick generally refers to a long, slender piece of wood, usually a branch from a tree without the leaves that may be refined.

Stick may refer to:
*Floorballstick, a small plastic or carbon stick, with a blade, used in floorball
*Chopsticks, an eating utensil
*Rod, cane, or hickory stick, disciplinary implements
*Pointing stick, an indicator
*Swagger stick, a formal attribute
*Club (weapon) or staff (stick), weapons
*Tally sticks, a marking medium
*Walking stick, a mobility aid
*Fire stick, a stick for making fire

In objects of similar shape:
* A stick of dynamite
* Joystick, the control column in an aircraft cockpit, or a computer game controller
* Prayer stick
* Polo stick, hockey stick, lacrosse stick, etc. in sports
* Memory stick, a device for storing digital information.
* Modem stick (i.e. Huawei E172).
* Stick shift, automobile transmission

The sticks may refer to:
*The boondocks, a remote area, or a city or town that is considered unsophisticated

Stick may also refer to:
* Stick (unit), an ancient unit of length (2 inch ≈ 5 cm), cfr. in yard
* Silver Stick and Gold Stick, certain functions named after a ceremonial attribute
* Stick (comics), a character in Marvel Comics, predominantly Daredevil
* Stick-Eastlake, a type of Victorian architecture
* "Stick" (film), a movie featuring Burt Reynolds and music by Anne Murray

In nicknames:
* "Sticks" for the Led Zeppelin album "Led Zeppelin IV"
* Sticks for Stephen Kernahan, former Australian rules football champion with the Carlton Football Club
* Stick for Gene Michael, former baseball infielder and manager
* Candlestick Park, the home stadium of the San Francisco 49ers and former home of the San Francisco Giants
* Sticks is Jaina Solo's Nickname while she is in Rogue Squadron from Starwars

In music:
* Clapstick, a musical instrument that traditionally accompanies the didgeridoo
* Chapman Stick, a musical instrument devised by Emmett Chapman in the early 1970s

In the military:
* A cluster of bombs
* A group of (generally) 12 paratroopers

ee also

* Poohsticks, a game
* Styx (disambiguation)
* Stick insect or "walking stick", an insect
* Stick figure, also known as a stick man
* Stick Cricket, an online game
* The Sticks, Hiberno-English slang for the countryside
* Sticky
* Centre stick, a cockpit arrangement with the control column located centrally
* Side-stick, a cockpit arrangement with the control column located at the side
* The Sticks, an Australian band

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