List of Arabic theophoric names

List of Arabic theophoric names

This is a list of Arabic theophoric names.

Islamic names

"Abdul" names

The following names are derived from the word "Abd" (= "slave" or "servant") added to a name of Allah or one of His Glorious attributes. In Classical Arabic, any of these names can be pronounced as "Abdul-" or "Abdal-" or "Abdil-", according to grammatical position in the speech. The most common are the first two:

Other Islamic names

*Asad-u-Allah (name)
*Saif-u-Allah (name), nickname for Khalid ibn al-Walid

*Habibur-Rahman (name)
*Najibul-Rahman (name)
*Amatul-Laah (name)
*Waliul-Laah (name)
*Rooh-Allah (name)

Non-Islamic Names

Pre-Islamic names

*Abd-al-Uzza (name)
*Abd Manaf (name)
*Wahabullat (name) ; lat. Vaballathus. The Name of the Son of Zenobia, the Queen of Palmyra

Egyptian Christian names

*‘Abdal Masieh, "slave of the Messiah"
*‘Abdal Salieb, "slave of the Cross"

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