Judge for Yourselves!

Judge for Yourselves!

Judge for Yourselves! (subtitle: "For Self-Examination, Recommended to the Present Age, Second Series") is a work by Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. It was written as part of Kierkegaard's second authorship and published posthumously in 1876. This work is a continuation of "For Self-Examination". This work continues a critique of Christendom, Christianity as a social and political entity, and its cultural accommodation. Kierkegaard discusses Bishop Jakob Mynster as a representative of Christendom and one of the main reasons "Judge for Yourselves!" was not published in Kierkegaard's lifetime was of his personal respect for Mynster. [Hong, Howard V. & Edna H. "The Essential Kierkegaard". Princeton University Press, 2000.]


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