Inessive case

Inessive case

Inessive case (from Latin "inesse" "to be in or at") is a locative grammatical case. This case carries the basic meaning of "in": for example, "in the house" is "talo·ssa" in Finnish, "maja·s" in Estonian, "etxea·n" in Basque, "nam·e" in Lithuanian and "ház·ban" in Hungarian.

In Finnish the inessive case is typically formed by adding "ssa/ssä". Estonian adds "s" to the genitive stem. In Hungarian, the suffix "ban/ben" is most commonly used for inessive case, although many others, such as -on, -en, -ön and others are also used, especially with cities.

In the Finnish language, the inessive case is considered the first of the six locative cases, which correspond to prepositions in English. The remaining five cases are:
* Elative case ("out of")
* Illative case ("into")
* Adessive case ("on")
* Ablative case ("off")
* Allative case ("onto")

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