Đorđe Nemanjić

Đorđe Nemanjić
Đorđe Nemanjić
Born Đorđe Vukanović Nemanjić
Title Prince of Zeta
Religion Serbian Orthodox Christianity
Parents Vukan Nemanjić

Đorđe Nemanjić (Serbian: Ђорђе Немањић) was a 13th-century Serbian Župan who ruled Zeta from 1208–1217. He was the son of Serbian Prince Vukan Nemanjić.

Đorđe had a troublesome relation with his superior Stefan II. The Republic of Venice allied themselves with Đorđe on July 3, 1208, with a clause saying that if Demetrius Progoni, the Lord of Kruja, would rebell against Venice, Zeta would support Venice.[1]

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Prince of Zeta
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