Benedek Broadcasting

Benedek Broadcasting

Benedek Broadcasting is a former television broadcaster, who owned and operated 22 network-affiliated television stations throughout the United States, all affiliated with major television networks, serving mainly small and medium-size markets. The company began operations in the early 1990s and was largely formed by their buyouts of Brisette Broadcasting and Stauffer Communications. The company was based in Hoffman Estates, IL the company was led by A. Richard Benedek, chairman and chief executive officer.

Benedek Broadcasting filed for bankruptcy in 2002, and sold off its 22 stations to different owners, many of them to Gray Television with the balance (all small or struggling stations) going to Chelsey Broadcasting. Barrington Broadcasting which began operations in 2004 with former Benedek president and COO K. James Yager as CEO, currently occupies what had been Benedek's headquarters and purchased two of the former Benedek stations which had been purchased by Chelsey.

Benedek was also notable in cancelling the license of U.S. Virgin Islands station WBNB-TV soon after their purchase of Brisette Broadcasting. WBNB went dark in 1989 when Brisette could not afford to replace the facilities damaged by Hurricane Hugo.

Also, Benedek Broadcasting had operated Benedek Interactive Media, an industry leading 'Internet newsroom' that extended web-only coverage and editorial capabilities to its stations.

List of stations formerly owned by Benedek

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