Infobox Weapon
name=Kh-35 "Uran"

type=Anti-ship missile
manufacturer=JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation
weight=480 kg
length=3.75 m
diameter=420 mm
wingspan=930 mm
speed=270 m/s
vehicle_range=5-130 km
altitude=4-15 m
filling=145 kg
guidance=inertial and active radar
The Zvezda Kh-35 "Uran" (NATO reporting name SS-N-25 'Switchblade') is Russian subsonic anti-ship missile. Due to its similarity to the American Harpoon missile, the SS-N-25 is commonly referred to as the 'Harpoonski'. The missile is universal in terms of its carries and can be included in shipboard, coastal and airborne systems.

The Kh-35 missile is a subsonic vehicle featuring a normal aerodynamic configuration with cruciform wings and fins and a semisubmerged air duct intake.

The propulsion unit is a turbofan engine. To provide launches from helicopters, surface ships and coastal weapon systems, use is made of a solid-propellant rocket booster which separates after its burnout from the missile. The missile is guided to its target at the final leg of the trajectory by commands fed from the active radar homing head and the radio altimeter.

Target designation data can be introduced into the missile from the carrier aircraft or external sources. A flight mission data is inserted into the missile control system after input of target coordinates.An inertial system controls the missile in flight, stabilizes it at an assigned altitude and brings it to a target location area. At a certain target range, the homing head is switched on to search for, lock on and track the target.After that, the inertial control system turns the missile toward the target and changes its flight altitude to the extremely low one. At this altitude, the missile continues the process of homing by the data fed from the homing head and the inertial control system until ahit is obtained.

As of 2005, Russia is actively promoting 2 versions of the Kh-35 for export, the Kh-35E and Kh-35U. The Kh-35E can be equipped on ships, coastal systems, and aircraft. The Kh-35U is air-launched only, and can be equipped on MiG-21, MiG-29SMT, Su-30, Su-35, Ka-27, and Ka-28.

The standard Kh-35U & Kh-35E has range up to 130km and speed of Mach 0.8. The missile weights 520 kg, with 145 kg warhead, is 3.85 meters in length, 0.42 meters in diameter, and 1.33 meters empennage span. The helicopter version for Ka-27 and Ka-28 is heavier at 610 kg, and longer at 4.4 meters in length. []




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