Herd (disambiguation)

Herd (disambiguation)

A herd is a large group of animals.

Herd may also refer to:

In zoology:

* Bachelor herd, gatherings of juvenile male animals who are still sexually immature
* Herding, the act of bringing individual animals together into a group
* Herding dog, dog that either has been trained in herding or that is a member of a breed developed for herding

In sports:

* Chris Herd, Australian football player
* David Herd (footballer), Scottish former football player
* Fred Herd, Scottish professional golfer from St Andrews
* Sandy Herd, Scottish professional golfer from St Andrews

In psychology:

* Herd behavior, situations in which a group of individuals react coherently without there being any co-ordination between them
* Herding instinct, social tendency in humans to identify with and model many behaviors and beliefs after a larger group of individuals with whom they identify

In music:

* The Herd (album), the self-titled first album from the Australian hip hop band
* The Herd (band), Australian hip hop outfit from the suburbs of Sydney
* The Herd (UK band), English pop group

In other fields:

* David Herd (anthologist), Scottish anthologist
* Herding Cats, phrase
* Richard Herd, American character actor in television and film
* Herd (film), a short film directed by Mike Mitchell (director)

ee also

* GNU Hurd an operating system kernel whose name is a pun on "herd".

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