Chipá, chipa or chipita are some of the names by which is known a variety of breads made with manioc or corn flour, typical of Paraguay and some nearby regions of Argentina and Brazil (the Brazilian version, although not exactly the same, but very similar, it is called in Portuguese pão de queijo or cheese bread).

During the second half of the XX century, migratory movement in South America has made the chipa far more consumed in the large and urban cities of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, etc. On the other hand, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), it is consumrated the cuñape, in Ecuador, the muchines de yuca and in Colombia, the bolitas de yuca, all of them very similar to the chipa.

The most frequent variety is made with manioc starch, milk, cheese, eggs butter or oil, from which are formed little balls of 3 centimeters of diameter. The lightness of the manioc starch, thinly milled, gives it a special texture and allows the melted cheese master the flavor. Occasionally, anise seeds are added. The cuñape has the same ingredients, but in different proportions.

Every variety of manioc and corn flour bread, in the entire American region, is known in Paraguay, as chipa and mbeju. In the preparation, yeast is not used, so in spite of the high temperatures of the region, it can be preserved for many days. It is a festive food and can be found in every popular religious celebration. Chipa: Pan Sagrado and 70 Recipes to prepare it.


Other most usual variants in Paraguay include the chipa guasu or chipá guazú ("chipa grande", "big chipa" in English) made with corn flour in its fresh state (clog), one of the most usual dishes at the Holy Fridays table during the Lent period because it's meat-free; the chipa caburé (which is cooked around a stick, in consequence it doesn't have the spongy inner center) and the delicious chipa so'o, filled with grounded meat. There are another varieties of chipa different on its ingredients, as the chipa manduvi (made with a mix of corn flour and peanut), the chipa rora (made of the skin of the seed of corn after being strained, this chipa would be like a whole-wheat bread).

The Paraguayan city of Coronel Bogado at the department of Itapúa, is considered the National Capitol of the Chipa.

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