18th century BC

18th century BC

The 18th century BC was the century which lasted from 1800 BC to 1701 BC.


*1800 BCIron age in India [http://antiquity.ac.uk/projgall/tewari/tewari.pdf The origins of Iron Working in India: New evidence from the Central Ganga plain and the Eastern Vindhyas by Rakesh Tewari (Director, U.P. State Archaeological Department)] ]
*1800 BC — beginning of the Nordic Bronze Age in the period system devised by Oscar Montelius.
*1800 BC1300 BCTroy flourishes.
* c. 1800 BC — sedentary Mayan communities in Mesoamerica
* c. 1800 BCHyksos start to settle in the Nile Delta. They had the capital at Avaris in northeastern Nile Delta.
*c. 1792 BC–1750 BCBabylonia and Mari.
*c. 1792 BC–1750 BCStela of Hammurabi, from Susa (modern Shush, Iran) is made. It is now in Musee du Louvre, Paris.
*1787 BC–1784 BCAmorite conquests of Uruk and Isin.
*1786 BCEgypt: Queen Sobekneferu dies. End of Twelfth Dynasty, start of Thirteenth Dynasty, start of Fourteenth Dynasty.
*1779 BCZimrilim, the King of Mari, starts to rule.
*1770 BCBabylon, capital of Babylonia becomes the largest city of the world, taking the lead from Thebes, capital of Egypt. [http://geography.about.com/library/weekly/aa011201a.htm]
*1766 BCShang conquest of Xia Dynasty. China.
*1764–1750 BC — Wars of Hammurabi.
*1757 BCMari sacked by Hammurabi. Zimrilim's palace is destroyed.
*1757 BCZimrilim, the King of Mari, dies.
*1750 BCHyksos occupation of Northern Egypt.
*1750 BC — A colossal volcanic eruption at Mount Veniaminof, Alaska.
*Before c. 1750 BC — Investiture of Zimrilim (Zimiri-Lim, King of Mari, before the Goddess Ishtar), facsimile of a wall painting on mud plaster from the Zimrilim palace at Mari (modern Tell Hariri, Iraq), Court 106, is made. It is now in Musee du Louvre, Paris.
*1749 BC–1712 BCMesopotamian Rebellions.
*Early Unetice culture, beginning of the Bronze Age in Central Europe.
*Minoan civilization: phase II of the Middle period (MM II).
*1800–1700 BC — Decline of the Indus Valley Civilization

ignificant persons

*Hammurabi (1792 BC1750 BC), ruler of the Babylonian Empire
*Tang overthrew emperor Jie, last ruler of the Xia dynasty.


*1726 BCIshmael, son of Abraham, according to the Hebrew Calendar
*1712 BCIsaac, son of Abraham, according to the Hebrew Calendar


*1764 BCPeleg, son of Eber, (b. 2003 BC) according to the Hebrew Calendar
*1763 BCNahor, son of Serug, (b. 1911 BC) according to the Hebrew Calendar
*1753 BCNoah (b. 2704 BC) according to the Hebrew Calendar.
*1750 BCHammurabi (middle chronology)
*1734 BCReu, son of Peleg, (b. 1973 BC) according to the Hebrew Calendar
*1711 BCSerug, son of Reu, (b. 1941 BC) according to the Hebrew Calendar

Inventions, discoveries, introductions

*c. 1700 BC — Median date for the building of the Phaistos Disc. Its purpose and meaning, and even its original geographical place of manufacture remains unknown, making it one of the most famous mysteries of archeology.

Decades and years


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