Soqotri language

Soqotri language

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Soqotri (soq. - méthel d-saqátri, arab. - اللغة السقطرية) is the language of the native population of the island of Socotra, and Abd-el-Kuri and Samhah islands of the Socotra archipelago off the southern coast of Republic of Yemen. It is one of the Modern South Arabian languages (MSAL) and is usually classified as a South Semitic language. A. Militarev in his glottochronoloy based classification [ [] also presents the MSAL as South Semitic, but the only South Semitic branch. [ [] ] . However, there is a trend to classify it as an [ West Semitic] language. [Grammar and classification of ASA languages. On the one hand several data seem to confirm a connection of South Arabian with the second millennium north-western Semitic. On the other hand, also by virtue of these data, a reconsideration of the southern branch of Semitic, in particular the relation between Ancient and Modern south Arabian, becomes indispensable.] [Once more about glottochronology and the comparative method: the Omotic-Afrasian case Alexander Militarev Moscow, Russian State University for the Humanities. ] Soqotri speakers live on their island, in UAE, Oman, and other Arabian states, but rarely on the Yemeni mainland. The language was, through its history, isolated from the Arabian mainland. Arabic is also spoken in a dialectal form on Socotra. [Raymond G. Gordon, Jr, ed. 2005. "Ethnologue: Languages of the World". 15th edition. Dallas: Summer Institute of Linguistics.]



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* [ Soqotri spoken Mehazelo (Cinderella) tale fragment with Latin transcription - MP3]
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* [] and [] Soqotri folk tale text publication in CLN.

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