Japanese destroyer Isonami

Japanese destroyer Isonami

Japanese destroyer "Isonami" (磯波) was a sclass|Fubuki|destroyer of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Her name means "Shore Wave" (Surf).

Operational history

On 1 December 1942, "Isonami" was damaged off Buna, New Guinea, by United States Army Air Forces planes.cite book | url = http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USN/USN-Chron/| title = The official chronology of the U.S. Navy in World War II | chapter = Chapter IV: 1942 | chapterurl = http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USN/USN-Chron/USN-Chron-1942.html | first = Robert | last = Cressman | location = Annapolis, Maryland | publisher = Naval Institute Press | year = 2000 | isbn = 9781557501493 | oclc = 41977179 | accessdate = 2007-12-04 ]

On 5 April 1943, "Isonami" departed Surabaya, escorting a convoy towards Ambon. On 9 April she was torpedoed and sunk by USS|Tautog|SS-199 while rescuing survivors of torpedoed "Penang Maru", convert|35|nmi|km southeast of Wangiwangi Island (coord|5|26|S|123|4|E|display=inline,title).

On 1 August 1943, "Isonami" was removed from the Navy List.

Commanding Officers

*Chief Equipping Officer–Cmdr. Tadashi Arima–15 February 192830 June 1928
*Cmdr. Tadashi Arima–30 June 192830 November 1929
*Cmdr. Kenzaburo Hara–30 November 19291 December 1932
*Lt. Cmdr. Yoshisuke Tomiyasu–1 December 193215 November 1933
*Lt. Cmdr. Kazuo Sakai–15 November 19331 November 1934
*Lt. Cmdr. Matake Yoshimura–1 November 19341 December 1936
*Lt. Cmdr. Toshimichi Ohara–1 December 193615 March 1938
*Lt. Cmdr. Miyoji Okabe–15 March 193815 December 1938
*Lt. Cmdr. Shigeo Senami–15 December 193815 November 1939
*Lt. Cmdr. Tomoe Ogata–15 November 193915 October 1940
*Lt. Cmdr. / Cmdr. Ryokichi Sugama–15 October 194022 June 1942
**Promoted to Commander on 15 November 1940
*Lt. Cmdr. Masao Nishimura–22 June 194226 March 1943
*Lt. Cmdr. Masaomi Araki–26 March 19439 April 1943

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