List of Nochiyaye settlements

List of Nochiyaye settlements

The following towns and villages mentioned are Assyrian settlements of the Nochiya Tribe.

Hakkari Province, Turkey

:"See also Hakkari, Turkey".

Town / VillageAramaicDistrictSub-District (Clan)Special Notes
Kara Kilise (Mar Ishu)ܡܪܝ ܥܫܘܼŞemdinliDağ içindeVillage of the Matran Family
Sararu ŞemdinliDağ İçinde, Hakkari
Baikareh ŞemdinliDağ İçinde, Hakkari
Baidaiweh ŞemdinliDağ İçinde, Hakkari
Badtemu ŞemdinliDağ İçinde, Hakkari
Daara ŞemdinliDağ İçinde, Hakkari
Sarunis ŞemdinliDağ İçinde, Hakkari
Baimtur ŞemdinliDağ İçinde, Hakkari
Baigardeh ŞemdinliDağ İçinde, Hakkari
Dureh ŞemdinliDağ İçinde, Hakkari
Dariyan ŞemdinliDağ İçinde, Hakkari
Sorasareh ŞemdinliDağ İçinde, Hakkari
Katuna ŞemdinliDağ İçinde, Hakkari
Baibabeh ŞemdinliDağ İçinde, Hakkari
Halana ŞemdinliDağ İçinde, Hakkari
Dtalana ŞemdinliDağ İçinde, Hakkari
TeesܬܝܼܣŞemdinliKhumara Village of the Mar Dinkha Family
Sardasht ŞemdinliKhumara
Balqan ŞemdinliKhumara
Mar Dinkha ŞemdinliKhumara
Harunan ŞemdinliKhumara
Nardusha ŞemdinliKhumara
Nees ŞemdinliKhumara
Eyil ŞemdinliDairaneh
Pageh ŞemdinliDairaneh
Izrun ŞemdinliGargan
Shapadtan ŞemdinliGargan
Paara ŞemdinliGargan
Baidtuseh ŞemdinliGargan
Balutyan ŞemdinliGargan

Arbil, Iraq

:"See also Arbil Governorate".

Town / VillageAramaicDistrictSub-District (Clan)Special Notes
Hawdiyan ShaqlawaHarir
DiyanaܕܝܼܢܐSoranDiyana (Rawandiz)Birthplace of Sarkis Aghajan Mamendo
Cairu SoranSidakan (Bradost)
Zariwan SoranSidakan (Bradost)
Rawandiz SoranRawandiz

West Azarbaijan, Iran

:"See also West Azarbaijan Province".

Town / VillageAramaicDistrictSub-District (Clan)Special Notes
Baikareh UrmiaBagzadeh
Jarma UrmiaBagzadeh
Tillun UrmiaBagzadeh
Rizga UrmiaMargawar
Garana UrmiaMargawar
Heshmawa UrmiaMargawar
Soznawa UrmiaMargawar
Hbash Kobeh UrmiaMargawar
Dazgairi UrmiaMargawar
Nargeh UrmiaMargawar
Shaikhan UrmiaMargawar
Gundok Malaya UrmiaMargawar
Qaloqa UrmiaTargawar
Hakkeh UrmiaTargawar
Toleeqeh UrmiaTargawar
Shebaneh UrmiaTargawar
Shaluna UrmiaTargawar
Mawana UrmiaTargawar
Qurana UrmiaTargawar
Ambeh UrmiaTargawar
Dastalan UrmiaTargawar
Balulan UrmiaTargawar
Darband UrmiaTargawar
Zangelan UrmiaTargawar

Unlocated Villages

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