Surface supplied diving

Surface supplied diving

Surface supplied diving (also known as Hooka diving) refers to divers using equipment supplied with breathing gas using an "umbilical cord" from the surface, often from a diving support vessel but possibly, indirectly via a diving chamber.cite journal |author=Gernhardt, ML |title=Biomedical and Operational Considerations for Surface-Supplied Mixed-Gas Diving to 300 FSW. |journal=In: Lang, MA and Smith, NE (eds). Proceedings of Advanced Scientific Diving Workshop |location=Smithsonian Institution |place=Washington, DC |date=2006 |url= |accessdate=2008-09-12 ] SCUBA, which is commonly used in recreational diving, is the main alternative to surface supplied diving equipment.

Surface supplied diving equipment and techniques are mainly used in professional diving or military diving due to the increased cost and complexity of owning and operating the equipment.cite journal |author=Beyerstein, G |title=Commercial Diving: Surface-Mixed Gas, Sur-D-O2, Bell Bounce, Saturation. |journal=In: Lang, MA and Smith, NE (eds). Proceedings of Advanced Scientific Diving Workshop |location=Smithsonian Institution |place=Washington, DC |date=2006 |url= |accessdate=2008-09-12 ] [cite journal |author=Wilkins, JR |title=US Navy Diving Program: Diving to 300 Ft Depths Using Surface-Supplied and Saturation Fly-Away Diving Systems. |journal=In: Lang, MA and Smith, NE (eds). Proceedings of Advanced Scientific Diving Workshop |location=Smithsonian Institution |place=Washington, DC |date=2006 |url= |accessdate=2008-09-12 ] This type of equipment is used in saturation diving. Divers almost always wear diving helmets or full face diving masks when being supplied from the surface. Surface supplied divers also use the spherical helmet with brass and glass windows of the historical standard diving dress.

Surface supplied diving equipment usually includes communication capability with the surface, which adds to the efficiency of the working diver. The surface supplied diver is less likely to have "out-of-air" emergencies because when a cylinder supplying the umbilical is exhausted it can be removed and replaced with a full one at the surface.

Surface supplied equipment is required under the US Navy operational guidance for diving in harsh contaminated environments developed by the Navy Experimental Diving Unit.cite journal |author=US Naval Sea Systems Command |title=Guidance for diving in contaminated waters. |journal=US Navy Contaminated Water Manual |volume=SS521-AJ-PRO-010 |date=2004 |url= |accessdate=2008-09-09 ]

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